Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Prada Recycles Prints

Check out the geometrical square print on silk.
Prada Resort 2010:

Prada Fall 2003:

(all photos from

I spent the last couple of hours frantically scouring the web for a photo of a Prada men's tie in that geometric print.  I remember it came out on GQ and was also part of an ad campaign.  Anyone who can find a photo of it is a true Internet detective.


xS said...

izzy, did you get my tweet about this? it's a holliday and brown i win a prize? xS

Anonymous said...

that top pattern...available as a square scarf? it's gorgeous and i want to own it. i told a friend recently to slap me if i am ever tempted to buy a silk scarf again (mine languish, they really do), so don't tell her i asked about this.

izzy said...

editor: I'm not quite sure if it's a scarf or really a blouse made to look like it's a scarf worn as a top.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

good eye!

befashionlike said...

I put a link, of this post on my new blog

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