Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Accessory Androgyny

Androgyny in fashion might be yesterday's news, but it's always nice to see fresh takes on the idea.  Accessories are a great way to push the envelope in androgyny; the fact that they're not as huge and look-defining as, say, a coat or a shirt means that a guy can go intensely feminine on one accessory as an accent piece without looking like he's cross-dressing.  

Robert Geller floral pattern bangle - The embossed flowers work to soften the almost rusty-looking brass bangle.

Alksndlia antiqued silver+onyx ring - I like pieces of jewelry that look as if they come with powers.

Rust cameo ring - Every woman and her bank-working aunt seemed to have a cameo necklace in the 90s.  Now you can wear one on your finger!

Lad Musician big chambray brooch - Truth be told, if it didn't have the label "Lad Musician" attached to it, I wouldn't even think of wearing a huge pale purplish blue fabric chrysanthemum on my jacket.  

But the fact that it's made out of chambray, a traditional workwear fabric, and the way it was styled (pinned on to a denim jacket) really makes it quite appealing to me.  It's a more rugged, modern take on the fresh flower boutonniere.  

Lad Musician foiled kangaroo leather brooch - Now this one, I had to take a second and third look at to figure out what it was.  

It somewhat reminded me of those 24k gold-dipped orchid brooches from Singapore that one of my elementary school teachers was particularly fond of wearing:

The brooch makes quite a bold, garish statement, and is a textural wonder up close.

It has a more pared-down cousin which, though more subtle, is still pretty eye-catching:

Lad Musician small foiled kangaroo leather brooch in gunmetal

It would make the perfect complement to my fictitious wardrobe bursting with subtly androgynous pieces from Dries and Lanvin.

Everything from Blackbird.  They also have a blog.  It's a great read, check it out!


-h said...

my vote goes to the flower brooch pinned onto the denim jacket.

Isabel said...

I would totally wear that came ring!

mgr said...

this is great. thanks!

Noelle Chantal said...

grabe ganda ng foiled kangaroo leather brooch! im thinking to wear a brooch as a substitute for bow tie. what you think? and i love the navy polo with the slanted pocket, cute. :)

by the way, i bought my Lego watch in Duty Free. haven't seen any Lego watches from the malls. one size only. but the straps are adjustable (connect them just like a lego, cute!), you can change the colors of the straps if you like. and many designs to choose from. it all comes with a Lego toy that you like to assemble. :)

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