Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Dandy Project Interview Series: One for the Girls

Women make up a significant percentage of the readers of this blog, as can be seen in the comments made on each post.  True, statistics prove that women are generally more active than men in the blogging world, and that they are more likely to be vocal about their opinions and go comment, but I'd like to think there's more to it than that.  

Mimi of Brookandlyn candidly tells me "I bet I can wear pretty much everything in your closet with a pair of chunky high heels." and that pretty much sums up this blog's relevance to my loyal female readers.  Though my personal style isn't at all particularly androgynous, my attitude towards fashion is rather free-for-all: I think people should wear and let wear, and experiment to their heart's content, and that, I think, resonates across genders.  

Mimi of the widely-read fashion blog Brookandlyn.  Rodan vs Griffith tank, trousers designed by her and tailored by Soong Salon in Hong Kong, vintage belt worn backwards, Dolce&Gabanna shoes 

Today, The Dandy Project interviews Mimi Jung of Brookandlyn: artist, graphic designer, (and most recently) entrepreneur, my style sister from the other side of the world.

Tell us about your blog Brook and Lyn. What makes it different from the 935793045903583 other fashion blogs out there?
You tell me! I think my style is pretty simple, modestly experimental and not too trendy which might narrow that number down just a little. There are some great blogs out there that I feel is more "editorial" in their personal styles or like to religiously follow the latest "it items". They all make for a fantastic read. Mine is a lot more subtle and perhaps reserved. I think it reflects my personality which is to be different but never be the center of attention. 

Mimi the artist: A sculpture inspired by a found wooden keyboard of a piano. Each key projects different images on the wall, creating visual melodies.

Why do you blog?
I had an idea a year ago to start a local fashion zine in Brooklyn. It combined my graphic design skills with my love of fashion. But due to lack of financial backing, that idea was put on hold. The cheaper, speedier alternative was a blog. My blog started mostly with shopping recommendations, but like most other blogs, my outfits and DIY projects got the most hits. Naturally its turned into a personal style blog but in a few weeks it will morph again to a blog/store site!

DIY studded spy coat

What is NYC style to you?
There are so many different styles floating around in NYC and that seems to be the beauty of it. You can really wear anything.

Being a regular reader of The Dandy Project, how do you take inspiration from menswear and work it into your wardrobe?
My style is turning more and more masculine. I bet I can wear pretty much everything in your closet with a pair of great chunky high heels. All you need to incorporate masculine style is to have just one feminine item to break it up. It would to fun to borrow your clothes.
Something from her closet I'd love to borrow: her new black and gold Church's brogues!

Your brick wall is just amazingly beautiful.  Was it your first choice of a background for your outfit posts when you started blogging or did you have it constructed for that purpose?

Mimi and her amazing brick wall

Oh no...it was honestly the only place in my apt that had good lighting. But then I would say 70% of the walls in my apt are brick. I live in a brownstone. I'm a control freak with my photos so I have to take it myself indoors. But I wish I can let go more and have my husband take some pictures outside. One day...
close-up of the even more amazing DIY chain jeans

Describe your style using three food items.
This is a hard one...
1. Soba: You can eat it hot or cold which is like my constant switch from feminine to masculine style.
2. Ginger: It has a strong kick but always used to accent a dish rather than be the star. I need to always have uniqueness without being loud.
3. Bran muffin: Not a lot of fuss but gets the job done. Who's laughing with me?? Come on now...

What do you wear on the plane?
I just flew in about 2 weeks time 38 hours in total. I never ever wear jeans, I made that mistake once I swear I had stitch marks embossed into my thighs for days. I'm a sweller. Now I usually wear my jersey harem pants and v-neck tee with my Repetto cloth oxfords or a jersey maxi dress with a sweater. I don't need to be stylishly dressed at all on the plane since I'm usually without any makeup and my hair is unstyled. I've flown as many as 19 hours straight and at that point vanity goes out the window. 
You recently went on a tailoring expedition to Hong Kong and came home with some really nice pieces.  Any tips for those first-world dwellers who plan on sneaking in some tailoring on their upcoming trips to cities with more affordable tailors (Hong Kong, Manila, etc.)? 
The most important thing to have is a very specific idea of what you want. Start collecting images that are similar to your vision, if those don't exist draw it out. Pay attention to every little detail you can possibly imagine. 

Photos at the tailor she visited in Hong Kong.  Read more about her adventures here!

Things might change as you start your project with your tailor but walking in you should be absolutely confident with your choices. If you want to straight out copy something that already exists go try that article of clothing on and see if it's flattering on you. Then find the biggest images of the item in all different angles and bring it to the tailor. 

Attention to detail at its finest.  See, I keep my tailoring projects on the (relatively) simple side, but custom-tailored cropped pleated satin dhoti pants read tailoring nightmare to me.  Great job on this, Mimi!

You can also have the option which is the easiest one, recreate an old items from you closet with a different fabric. And lastly do your research thoroughly so that you can go to the best tailor you can afford. Custom tailoring is addictive so be aware of what you are getting yourself into!

Splurge on Lanvin handbags (classic yet modern and always under the trend radar), skimp on summer flats (since even the cheapest ones can be so darn cute).
Everything tastes better with freshly cracked black pepper on it.

Thanks for letting me do this interview, Mimi!  If I had an X chromosome instead of a Y, I'd totally dress like you.


PinkBow said...

great interview, she has a great blog

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btw yours and her blog, it makes me hunger for something custom tailored!! or wish i had a talent for diy.
her sculpture is phenomenal!!!

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nice. i read her blog also

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i'm enjoying your interviews from your fave bloggers, Izzy. she is one unique, chic and stylish lady. her eye for details is impeccable! truly inspirational picks :)

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Great interview !

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What a creative and inspirational lady! Thanks for this interview, I'll may just have to take a look at Brook and Lyn.

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Thanks Izzy for posting this interview. I had fun with all the questions! Can't wait for you to move to the states!

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great interview. :)

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Great questions.

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This woman has amazing style - can't believe I've never seen her blog before!

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