Friday, June 19, 2009

Of Jumpsuits and Hawaiian-Print Jersey Rayon Suits: Discovering Tim Soar

I learned of the existence of a certain designer Tim Soar just a few moments ago via a post on Style Salvage.  I was inexplicably drawn to this particular ensemble:

a three-button suit in Hawaiian-print jersey washed rayon, worn by the designer himself.  I suppose my enchantment could be explained the presence of three things in this suit: the outlandish print, the comfortable jersey fabric, and the fact that it was a suit, complete with buttons and a lapel.  This is easily my dumbest impulse want ever.

Still high from my suit-crush, I went on to look up the designer and his collections.  To my eye-popping amusement, I found an unusually high concentration of things that I love:


Though I admit the wide-legged linen jumpsuit to the left might look better on a lady, I could think of tens of ways I could wear that grayish blue stonewashed wonder on the right.

Doc Martens

belted long coats

Side note, on which model would it be better to showcase a long boxy coat belted at the waist than on fashionably manorexic Ash Stymest?  I swear, he is such an effective model.

odd prints 

The naked lady turtleneck takes the concept of the snuggly sweater to a whole different level.

and oddly shaped trousers galore!

Tim Soar is everything that I respond to in menswear nowadays: fresh talent, experimental fabrics and silhouettes, a joyful outlook, clean tailoring, all while managing to retain a semblance of wearability.  Why oh why is it that I had heard of his sartorial genius just now?  


Isabel said...

There's this guy at my work who always wears Hawaiian shirts and i always laugh at him in my head. But those suits are oddly endearing, y'know?

Anonymous said...

love the top suit (i would wear it), and the pants in the bottom row, far right.
in general, i like a lot of this. interesting.


thank you, Izzy<3
your comment was very-much appreciated :)

hoping all is well?


This chick's got style said...

That's all amazing!!

Unknown said...

ita with Isabel. i lol at first but as i scrolled down, i found myself being drawn to them. i love almost everything here. i love menswear and men's shoes. men's bags, too :P

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the very kind words.
The Hawaiian suit is in fact washed rayon. Rayon is a long fibre yarn so it moves really nicely. Enzyme washes then soften it so it feels almost like jersey.


Izzy said...

Thanks, Tim! I really appreciate you taking time to comment. Your work is well worth raving about. And thank you for your correction regarding the material of the hawaiian print suit, I just edited the post now.

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