Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Damir Doma's Red Remix

Red is not my favorite color to wear. From the cliche of the vampy red dress which often results to the detriment of the person attempting to pull it off, to the image of the freshly highlighted, doused-in-perfume self-obsessed jock perfectly embodied by this look below, red articles of clothing just don't strike me as elegant or subtly sexy.

Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2004 opening look. I hate to admit it, but I used to adore this collection to bits. I speak to you today, a changed man.

Which is why Damir Doma's inclusion of red in his Spring 2010 collection, in the form of several all-red looks, mind you, is both surprising and impressive.

Damir Doma Spring 2010. Seeing this look against the all-blacks and all-whites in the collection was heart-stoppingly haunting.

How he took one of the most potentially trashy colors and spun them into looks that are iconically Damir Doma: quietly elegant, androgynous, enigmatic even, is a stroke of genius. The go-to colors for designers with "dark" sensibilities would usually be black and gray, lately, some white and beige, but never have I seen red used to this effect, and in this abundance. With red being the color of blood, and its association with murder, and vampires, I wonder why not a lot of the dark designers make use of crimson tones in their collections. (On a side note, has anyone seen the series True Blood? It's intensely delightful!)

Here are more photos from the rouge runway:

Though I admit a lot of the pieces might not be very wearable in real life, I can totally see myself wearing this drapey one-button shorts suit, with a shirt in the same tomato hue for contrast.

The fabric textures and varying degrees of sheen played beautifully against the catwalk lighting.


The generous cuts and soft flow of the fabric played a huge role in reinventing red.

runway images via The Fashionisto
backstage/detail shots via Dazed Digital

P.S. To the lovely Sabrina of Professionally Trendy, thanks for the shout-out. It's nice to see this blog inspires the girls, too.


Isabel said...

Lovely! The red cape is epecially cool. But dear jesus what was that awful photo you linked to? That tattoo - the horror!

james v. said...

I haven't seen many designers try this color full on much, it looks great.

Pret a Porter P said...

yes this is red done right. has more of an otherwordly look.
i avoid red clothes myself, but i love red accessories though.

Unknown said...

love vermillion with liver red. reminds me of a monk's robe.

Sabrina said...

You are very welcome! I very much adore your frustrated designer series :)

I loved this Doma collection, especially the red. And those sandals are just perfect. Men always need a better variety of footwear.

Matthew Spade said...

the is brilliant, the shades are spot on. not too bright, that could have killed it. i avoid red clothes also, i hate red tshirts, i wonder why this is so common. i don't mind red accessories tho. red socks are a must for me.

Jim Green said...

Interesting blog, will be bigging it up over at my own new style blog http://www.moderndayhunting.blogspot.com/
cheers, Jim

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