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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chest Action at Prada Fall 2012

My eyes went straight to the models' chests at Prada Fall 2012: I saw stick pins in twos, napkin-like pocket squares, leather flowers stuffed into pockets, and other goodies. Prada might possibly be the most directional and influential mainstream luxury brand in the market, and if this means in the next few years we'll be seeing men with suits creatively adorned, I'm all for it.

football and pistol stick pins, and what looks to be a gray saffiano leather card case worn as a pocket square

more Prada stick pins: a crown and a sword

Prada stick pins on impeccable Edwardian-dandy suits that buttoned up high

a purple leather carnation stuffed into the chest pocket

the leather flower with a napkin and a pen

creative chest stuffing at Prada

So where is the pre-order link?

photographs via NOWFASHION

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tech Tux

I'm at my uncle's in Boston for a quick holiday---the one who lives at the Ritz, acts more like a Gen-Yer than a baby boomer, flies to China for medical missions, the one who happens to have a pair of unworn Prada shoes in my size to be freely given away to his most favorite of nephews.

Prada patent leather lace-ups

I was hesitant at first; where was I to wear a pair of rubber-soled, pointy-toed black-tie shoes? But there was something about everything being so not of-the-moment: the patent, the pointy toe, the Prada Linea Rossa stripe at the bottom that made it so refreshing. It's the pair of shoes I'd wear with a hyper-heat-generating tuxedo or a tux made out of Tyvek.

In the late 90s, these brand badges were my holy grail when the red Prada Sport stripes crept a good centimeter and a half up the back of the heel. As tiny dashes today, I could learn to live with them, and even love them.

with my overused and much-loved Prada saffiano and nylon travel bag

What are your new shoe acquisitions?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Monkey Shirt

Leave it to Miuccia to take an apostle of non-color into the bright side. Her secret weapon: monkeys.

long arms like a chimp's (monkey print shirt by Prada)

There was just something so compelling about that Prada spring 2011 show---in the convoluted mix of colors and curlicues, and creatures, all shrouded in the haze and heady daze of a 1920's Cuban burlesque club of the future---that I had to have a souvenir of that collection. Indulgent wordplay aside, for a collection so garishly colorful, it had a sense of history and an almost-darkness that made it infinitely more intriguing than today's throw-away color-blocks.

Number (N)ine sunglasses, Prada monkey shirt, Topman trousers, vintage shoes from Latvia

gargoyle-gray monkeys with pink bananas swinging upon ornate wooden cornices mounted on a Tigger-striped papered wall. Note the tone-on-tone fabric buttons, very much appreciated.

These multi-hued brown vintage lace-ups look like something a patron of that 1920's Cuban nightclub would wear, only they're from nearly halfway around the world. (vintage lace-ups from Latvia)

I thought the curvy lines on my Y-3 backpack echoed the curlicues on the shirt's print.

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