Thursday, June 18, 2009

Opening Ceremony Footwear Fall 2009

I have a crush on Opening Ceremony that just can't seem to fade.  Even though my navy suede desert boots would nearly split my left pinkie toe open when I wear them, I just keep on reaching for them when I get dressed, as they magically go with everything from jeans to cropped khakis to even shorts!  

Dearest desert boots with your now rippled uppers, how much longer will it take to break you in?

I heart Opening Ceremony so much that a few weeks ago I wrote an ode to their online store that was more than a few scrolls long.  My adoration for the label was nothing short of intensified when I saw their fall 2009 footwear offerings:

Opening Ceremony Men's Shoes Fall 2009

The downfall of many a good brand comes when they choose to capitalize on a classic, tweaking their bestseller style to little success.  (Read: Fendi)  But these new incarnations of the original desert boot above really work for me, perhaps because they bring a new vibe to the shoe, a new character and a new silhouette; they're just not an over-embellished or downright ugly mutation of the classic.  

My favorites would have to be the burgundy suede desert boots in the center (I've never seen push-lock buckles on a shoe done so successfully) and the black boots with the four turn-lock buckles on the lower left (they'd look just perfect with cuffed almost-skinny trousers).  I wouldn't mind the pink suede classic desert boots, or the plaid ones.  


Matthew Spade said...

wow OC do have a mega selection don't they, i saw some bright yellow ones a while back too. though i'm thinking you saw them lat season. i have a pair of clarks originals desert boots and the totally wrecked my little toes when i when shopping one day, whats with that?!

Matthew Spade said...

Pret a Porter P said...

my vote goes to the simple slip ons towards the bottom.
the spy bag is still my dream bag, but the version is pretty ugly.

Isabel said...

Ahhh, why do I covet every single pair of shoes that you post about! I liek these shoes, they remind me of Clarks.

Giancinephile said...

Emergency! Where's your tailor in Katipunan?! haha

Anyways my OC comes with nice shoes from time to time but I'm still not too keen on their comfort as the only pair I have is not. hahhaaaa

fred said...


Shay said...

So obsessed with Opening Ceremony shoes.

james v. said...

I'm still smitten with their bright yellow desert shoe that came out for spring/summer!

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