Thursday, September 4, 2008

Style Profile # 1

People watching has always been one of my not-so-guilty pleasures, and I have decided to turn it into something more productive with the Style Profile series.  The series features one stylish person at a time, the details of his/her outfits, and my take on their personal style.

Meet Michelle.
sailor top and bag by APC, random shorts, ring from Forever 21, socks from Zara, brogues by Paul Smith

Michelle (23), a med student, relishes every opportunity to don anything else other than her clinical all-white school uniform.  With a constantly changing style, she completely transforms her look like every year, but is now struggling to have that 'iconic' look she can keep for years to come.  I see influences of Japanese street style, the French aesthetic, and a very faint whiff of goth in her style.

sequined tube top by Mango, shorts by Store for All Seasons, jazz shoes by Comme des Garcons for Repetto

1 comment:

MICHELLE said...

thanks izzy! haha is that all you have to say about me? x___x

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