Monday, September 1, 2008

jumpsuit dress-up

I had a jumpsuit tailor-made for a ridiculously low price (about USD 38) at my tailor's.  Oh, the benefits of cheap labor in the third world!  It's black linen, short-sleeved, with patch pockets on the front and back.  It was kind of inspired by a jumpsuit from the Prada S/S 08 collection.  


real life
(photos courtesy of and

I had the tailor scrap the drawstring waist and opted for a more flattering flat waistband in front, and elastic waistband at the back (I need the volume back there.)  

Tonight I decided to play dress-up with my jumpsuit and put together more creative as well as normalized looks working around the jumpsuit. 

(Urban Outfitters striped tee under, bag shoulder strap used as belt, Muji plimsolls)

(Topman white denim jacket, APC brown suede boots)

(Junya Watanabe shirt over, Margiela broken stitch sneakers)

(H&M sweater, random portfolio, black Miu Miu laceups)

(Giordano Concepts fishtail parka and belt, Miu Miu laceups)


chauss said...

congrats! i will link read your blog and link you is holiday in US and i am running ot the door.......

Shay said...

this looks great! What a versatile and classy piece.

izzydore said...

thanks shay! we seem to share good taste :D care to swap links?

chauss said...

your linked baby!

Fjodor said...

loved the h&m sweater, i love textures so i think this is a gorgeous piece

love ur blog also
greetngs from mexico

Mike said...

who's your tailor in manila? can i have his/her address?

izzydore said...

Mike: It's Toppers in Katipunan, Quezon City. Near Cravings. Look for Mang Jun. Do I know you from somewhere? :)

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