Sunday, September 14, 2008

Project # 1: Gold-buttoned Blazer

It's the time of year when I'm in the mood to have things tailor-made.  Come a month or so, I vacillate back towards buying most of my clothing from retail shops.  Living in the third world, I may not have direct access to the most well-stocked of boutiques and shops, but due to cheap labor, it is rather economical for me to have clothes made-to-measure, especially when the particular style I like isn't available in stores.  In addition to that, every project is a chance for me to exercise my (frustrated) design skills, which is also cool.

Based on feedback I got regarding the black double-breasted blazer I recently posted, I have decided to leave it alone and instead, have another one made!  All I know for now is that I most probably want it in navy with gold buttons, and double-breasted.  In fact, I've already gone out and bought the gold buttons:

Big ones for the front, and smaller ones for the cuffs.  I intend to use the gold side.  

This is the jacket I intend to have mine patterned after:

by 3.1 Phillip Lim, photo from

However, I'm still not sure if I intend to copy the style to the detail.  Say, would it make it more wearable if I had it made single-breasted instead?  Side vents or center vents?  

The 3.1 Phillip Lim one seems to have a center vent.

What material to use?  And should I add the two more decorative buttons seen on more traditional db blazers?

photo from

from Ralph Lauren

Looking ahead, I'm seriously salivating at the numerous styling possibilities with this piece!  Among the things I plan to wear it with, not necessarily all together are: denim shorts, crisp white button-downs, all-black, and my chunky red knit scarf tied this way:

I have yet to learn how to tie it like that though.  

More made-to-measure projects coming soon!  I will try to update my blog with the progress of each project.  Thanks to mike, stylesalvage, culturecreators, and shay who offered their two cents on my previous dilemma.  Again, your suggestions and opinions on this one will be very much appreciated!


thesearchforchic said...

I am so jealous.. i would love to have items made-to-measure ALL the time. ;)

I love gold buttons on blazers but at the moemnt I actually find silver a more fresh option.

I love your blog btw, izzy!

izzydore said...

I was thinking silver too. Don't worry, the made-to-measure jackets are so affordable, I could have a silver-buttoned one made too! What type of jacket in what color would you suggest I have made with silver buttons? :)

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