Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Objects of Desire

I will be in Tokyo for about a week next month, and it isn't uncommon for me to plan my purchases a month (or even half a year) before the trip.  So, inspired by a recent post by my friend Michelle, I am sharing a few prospective statement shoe purchases for that trip.

from Colette
At the top of my list are these cartoon-print Comme des Garcons for Heschung shoes.  The print was designed by manga artist Osomatsu Kun.  They're happy, they make a statement, but they're remarkably not too fashion-y.  (Not that I dislike the fashion-y look, but I still do like to change it up from time to time.)  A person who considers himself part of the fashion literati would appreciate this shoe as much as any pop pedestrian who recognizes "funky" style.  

from Eluxury
Reasonably priced and quite comfortable, the only setback for these Y-3 high-tops are the fact that they're high-tops and that I don't have much patience yanking high-top shoes on and off my feet.  Other that that, they're tres cool.

from Colette
Significantly more subtle than the first two, these Comme des Garcons laceups boast this stacked heel which I admit I have never seen before.  The classic shape and styling mean they will never go out of style.

from Y-3.com
These Y-3's evoke a sort of jazz-shoe look, just made a little more modern and sportier.  Great with black shorts, I can imagine!  

I have been told EVERYTHING is more expensive in Japan, but I'm earnestly hoping that since these shoes are all from Japanese brands, that they would sell cheaper, or at least at par with US and Hong Kong prices, in Tokyo.  

Does anyone have an idea if Japanese brands such as Comme des Garcons and Y-3, as well as others like Number Nine and Y's are cheaper in Japan?  I really need to know, thanks!


MR style said...

yeah it's so cool livin in Paris as there is a colette shop only !! maybe if u dont find comme des garcons, u can take jeremy scott !!! it's really trendy too

Anonymous said...

tnx for visit us
you always welcome
I just posted, get news there

Frederic said...

Oh I hate my hair...

.alexandre said...

well let me tell yo that those shoes in white background and those lil faces are just gorgeous

and well yes about burnt mony movie, yes it its good they planning to attemp to a bank and they have like a gay relationship etc etc etc, u should download it with english subs of course

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