Monday, September 1, 2008

The Pillars of My Style

Hello!  I have decided to start blog about style, pop culture, and a little something I call fashion philosophy (we'll get to that later.)  To introduce myself, I have decided to discuss ten of my favorite things, the pillars of my personal style!

1.  black-faced steel Rolex Oyster

The most comfortable of all my watches, I’ve had it since I was twelve.  I think it exudes a masculine, sporty, classic American feel. 

2.  L’Occitane The Vert and Terre D’Hermes

The Vert, for day, is refreshing, green, and very androgynous.  Terre D’Hermes, for night, is robust and very slightly treads the line between dignified and dirty-old-man. 

3.  Jack Kerouac canvas tote

Screw all the overpriced “statement” leather bags I was sooo into half a year ago!  This one is extremely light, packs a lot, goes with everything, and somewhat intelligent.

4.  white Muji plimsolls

The absolute perfect plimsolls.  I love them so much I hoarded another pair for when my current one yellows.

5.  Francois Truffaut’s Les Mistons

A nostalgic short film shot in the south of France, the eight (?) nameless kids’ summery shorts outfits were so inspiring. 

6.  black shorts

Dressy enough for lunching in Manila, comfy enough for hitting the market.

7.  stripey t-shirts in neutral colors

(left to right, top to bottom: Topman, Club Monaco, APC, Izzue, random, Uniqlo, UO)

Very comfortable, always sharp, slightly Parisian.

8.  aviator shades

(left to right: Ray-Ban, vintage Ray-Ban, random)

Worn everywhere!

9.  BMW 1 series

Very compact, handsome car I got for my graduation, I love his sunken cheeks.  And yes, I drive stick-shift!

10.  Leather bracelets

(left to right: Ferragamo, Margiela, Hermes)

These bring depth and contrast to an outfit when needed.  The one in the middle shoots a grappling hook.


Mike said...

love those cuffs.
im adding your link

michelle said...

congratulations on your first post! i agree with you that striped t-shirts, black shorts and white plimsolls are wardrobe staples. and that margiela bracelet is way too kickass.

Anonymous said...

I read all your entries! More! More! Super entertaining! I love that I can really relate to what you write since you're a guy, too! I'm gonna hafto figure out livejournal na so I can link you and michelle. I love your blogs!

giancinephile said...

All I can say about the 1 Series is that it's really a charming automobile!

You could never go wrong with a Beemer!

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