Thursday, September 4, 2008

In Search of: The Perfect Penny Loafers

I have been on the hunt for the perfect penny loafers for quite some time now.  Well-made, moderately priced ones that would serve as my go-to shoes to be worn sockless with super faded jeans, tailored shorts, cropped dress pants, or just about anything! They would also be great for showcasing a pair of obnoxiously colorful socks on days when I feel like looking annoyingly preppy.  Rolled-up khakis, lime green and pink polo shirt, grandfather belt, you get the picture.

Majority of the loafers you would find here are of the euro-trash look, with an elongated toe, pointed or awkwardly squared-off at the end.  So 2004.

Dolce and Gabbana

For starters, there are the classic Bass Weejuns, which I think are perfect-looking as they are.  But lo, they only come in wide sizes in here.  

Bass Weejuns

One of my regular blog reads, does a great example of wearing the weejuns casually, with a little humor even.  I like the cordovan color of his against the black pants.  
poliopoliopolio on the left

Brooks Brothers has a version too, priced slightly higher than the Bass.  
Brooks Brothers

Some designers have taken the name "penny loafer" more literally, inserting actual coins into the penny slots on the shoes.  These I love.
Bass by Jeffrey NY

Bottega Veneta (from

Any other choices out there?  Let me know!


alecherdz said...

sure actrually i was going to add you to my links

im about to buy a pair of shoes like this ones, they're gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Johnston & Murphy or Allen-Edmonds..Piece of advise, not too much of the pointy stuff. Unless you want to look like a salespersonn from Zara...

Izzy said...

LOL at your comment, anonymous. Spot on.

bubblewrapMIAMI said...

weejuns are perfect. i saw a prada that resembles them, with an only slightly elongated toe box and a nice round-ish heel... theyre probably about 1000% more expensive though, so why even look anywhere else? bass weejuns are, like u said, just about perfect.

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