Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open Letter to My LV Bag

Dear Louis Vuitton Damier Canvas Broadway,

I've had you for two and a half years now, and I don't know how I feel about you anymore.

The moment I saw you dangling from the shoulders of that well-dressed guy at school, I coveted you with such fervor. Seeing hordes of stylish people on the streets of Hong Kong toting huge LV monogram messenger bags didn't help quell my yearning.

I have never wanted an article of sewn-together canvas and leather as much as I wanted you.

So I bought you, once I had saved up enough to pay your rather steep price. I placed you atop my table for a week, just admiring your meticulous stitching and the perfectly symmetrical placement of your monogram squares.

I carried you everyday, and enjoyed you despite your cumbersome flap plus belt thing closure. When I carried you, I got lots of compliments from my co-workers. Every time I opened you up to reveal that rich orange lining, I was pleased.

A long two and a half years have passed and hordes of kids in Hong Kong (and now even in my hometown Manila) are still toting those LV monogram bags, but carrying you doesn't make my heart flutter like it used to.

You have been demystified. The fact that every other office employee with a decent-paying job yearns for LV monogram as if it were the holy grail and totes those bags with such delicacy as if they were precious gems somehow decreases your value in my eyes.

Now I am torn, on whether to keep you as a memory of the many months I desired you and how I finally got you, or sell you to someone who would definitely enjoy you more than I do now.

I think I'll keep you, in my bag shelf, for just a few months more. Between my fanny pack and my mesh-and-reflectorized-piping sling bag from my raver days, you will rest for a little while more. For every time I open the closet and catch a glimpse of your linen dustbag, I will remember how even the most pressing of my desires can fade.


Anonymous said...

And it sucks more that a lot of people try to pass knock offs as real ones. Ack!

Susanna-Cole said...

Only you could make a letter to an bag, so amusing and endearing! :)
It's true that sometimes if I like something so much and then suddenly it seems everyone else does too. Kind of takes the magic of toting or wearing something special, it's less of a novelty when everyone else is doing the same! :(


DaisyChain said...

I love this letter,
it put a much needed smile on my face.
If I had more than £3.80 to my name, I'd totally offer to give the bag a new home! Haha.

Audrey Leighton said...

love it!
too true!

want to exchange links? loveeee your blog



Couture Carrie said...

I love your open letter!! Funny and true . . . keep the LV on the shelf and revisit it in a few months; I sold some of my logo-emblazoned bags on ebay and now I kinda miss them!


yiqin; said...

I have such a thing for LV monogram! My first branded bag will def be the LV speedy!!!

MOND said...

trashbag's funny

izzydore said...

thanks to all who commented, i poured my heart out on this one!

Jill, Joe and Foxy said...

I just found you blog and like it...i just purchased my second LV Bag and haven't even used my first. I just stare at them. I know that some day i will use them - I think you should hang on to it for a little longer.
that just my thought.

kirstie said...

my mum recently got her first LV bag (the name escapes me at the moment, but it's similar in shape to the second photo posted) and while it's gorgeous on its own, it seems to lose it's specialness when it's being toted around through a sea of fakes. bah.
anyway, the picture of the thumbs up in front of the bag made me lol - thumbs up pictures are the best haha :D

Belowen said...

This post made me LOL. I'm sorry that you are at a cross roads with your beloved bag, I hope you make your decision soon <33

kpriss said...

Morally correct, this letter should receive a quick response from your bag. If it cares that much to answer you. If not, it really belongs in that chiffon up in the wardrobe.

It's the same dilemma I face every now and then - carry an original and make everyone think it's a faux just because ripoffs are everywhere? Carry a ginormous logo-ed bag just to let people know you can? So primal, so.... unstylish. And yet, so many LV out there!

Anonymous said...

i've never had a designer bag... ever! haha. this is a cute entry, though!

your LV bag said...

Response letter from your LV Bag : Hello The Dandy Project, at last I got the nerves to answer you back.It's hard for me to express what I feel,passing the anger and melancholy,i still think is unfair what you did to me.Do I have the fault that everyone wants me? I remember how you stared at me,caress me over the table,open my zipper slowly and stared at my soft inside.And when you sticked your hand inside,just to get your notebooks or simply to know I still was there...priceless! With the times that are running, there're a lot who want to look like me,with fake zippers,fake skin, but at the end, they're not real,they're not natural and definitely they're not worthy to hang with. I just want you to remember all the special moments we've spent together,all the streets we strolled pass,all the longing stares and caresses.Remember I'll always be there for you, waiting,just waiting to be together again.For ever yours, XXOX ,your TRUE LV bag.

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