Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hair Affairs

I could not stress enough how important I think hair is to one's personal style.  I'm currently in the process of growing my hair out from a crew cut into a longer 'do, so allow me to muse about hair while I wait.  It might be due to the Asian sense of aesthetic in me that I tend to put a premium on well-maintained and well-dressed hair.  Occasionally I would see a person on the street who captures my attention so forcefully, he/she exudes lightness and body at the same time, his/her movement is sensual and gives off an ethereal vibe, and I realize, it is mostly because of that person's fabulous hair.  I can also clearly recall instances wherein a perfectly stylish outfit would be tainted by a lousy, mousy 'do.  Allow me to share my thoughts on this essential element of style.

my next haircut option one: model George Alan

Hair need not be flattering, you just have to like it.  This is not to totally push aside the artistic principles of angles and proportion, but what I'm trying to say is that with hair (same goes for all other things that you wear), what the wearer likes goes above any other rules imposed by others.  This is why most makeover episodes of America's Next Top Model make me cringe; they try to challenge the girls by drastically changing their hairstyles, transforming them into something they're not.  I mean, a beauty queen in a Mia Farrow 'do, a girly-girl with all her hair chopped off, a brash boho chick given an elf-ish haircut, come on! 

Case in point: the woman shown below sports a hair do that in my opinion doesn't do much to make her prettier, or sleeker, or slimmer-looking (although it does add a few inches of height!), nor is it neat, but I think it works.  It's just that needed dose of "crazy" to set her apart from all the fashion glitterati and the effect is purely iconic.

Screw the coordinating-skin-undertone-with-hair-color rules, color it whatever you wish!  In line with what I previously said, I think people aren't having as much fun with their hair as they should.  Take your cue from the woman below, Sophia Bush on crack and weed.  But seriously, one would think that peacock colored hair combined with pale skin and dark clothes would translate to Hot Topic-clad wannabe goth kid but dare I say that the effect is quite fashion-y, in a good way!  I think the secret lies in the subtle variation of tones throughout the head; some parts tend to look more green and others more purple.  Any of you guys know who she is?  I would love to know; she is just captivating.

As most of my friends who had known me from college would know, I've tried every natural hair color known to man (in order): from sun-kissed blonde to copper-red to plummy red to bleach blonde to ash to chocolate to black, you name it, I've done them all.  That's why for the next time I have my hair colored, I have decided to  branch out into the hues not commonly occurring naturally on human heads!  Here are some of my choices:

Purplish-plum (Comme des Garçons SS 09)

Extra-bright orangey red (okay so this is his natural hair color, but  it is extra bright, and on my Asian skin, natural is the last thing this color is going to look like)

If there's one hair styling tip that I would offer to guys, it would be to go easy on the product.  For most men nowadays, it's all about getting that pieced-together messy look and achieving height and nothing can look more artificially masculine than a guy with a Dep-supported sculptural piece on his head.  A good rule of thumb would be a dime-sized amount of product for the whole head; lets exercise some restraint here.  In fact, some men can just let their hair down, running a comb through their hair a couple of times and they're done!  My new blogger friend Frederic, wears his hair excellently, combed with a side part.  Classic-cool.

Frederic of

Conversely, a few men can pull off a super-styled coif, and if you are positive you can, by all means let the teasing begin!  

height done right (from The Sartorialist)

But chances are, you aren't part of the one in 385,593,475,893,754 who can.

The last piece of advice I would give is to never, ever take hair seriously.  It's just hair.  Dye your whole head green for the weekend and switch back to your natural color before Monday comes!  If the hair gets too damaged from the processing, buzz it all off; wear a wig or go bald!  Allow yourself to try out different things and don't let anyone (even me) tell you what to do with your hair.  With all that experimenting, you will eventually strike gold and find that hair style that speaks volumes about who you are, one that people will remember you by, one that makes you feel like the most beautiful creature on earth, and maybe then, hair would be the only accessory you need.

my next haircut option 2: stylist Keegan Singh



That's right hair is hair!!!
Thanks f you comment...
The winning entry for the "BLESS=?" contest is published in my blog...hope you read her great msg for all of us... You have a blessed week ahead dear...yay!

Belowen said...

I am currently growing my hair out from a concave bob to a longer, softer style with a side fringe... Hair makes such a difference to how I feel about myself and my style...

Nature Grafitti said...

i adoreeee the hair in the first photo :)
i would love to trade links! i just added you

Susanna-Cole said...

Your very well-spoken, I love this entry all about hair! :) And wow, I love all the hair pictures you posted! It is true that hair can completely change how you see a person, and even how they see themselves. I also hate to sound a bit shallow, but I've known people who I considered to be very beautiful or handsome... until they completely changed their hair, and whether or not I realized it before, their former hair must have had a great deal of power in their overall image, because after the hair-makeover I no longer found them very attractive. Guess it was the hair! ;)

And oh, I'm glad to hear your username on tfs is the same as here! Maybe it's just me, but I get so confused and a bit annoyed when people have a different user name for everything. Hard to keep up! :P


Anonymous said...

i've always been obsessed with hair. i've had many many bad haircuts (of course, back then i thought they were cool lol) right now i'm working the "height" thing lol. it comes easy cos my hair is naturally fluffy, so all i hafto do is make sure the sides are trimmed and there's hair product to tame the fluffiness hehe!

i officially love love love your blog now!

izzydore said...

bj: you have to teach me how to do the "height" thing!!! and thank you, it means a lot!

Anonymous said...

izzy, my hair is naturally fluffy! so i just had the sides and the back shaved close, tapos i just brush it up and it's tall already LOL! when i go to parties, though, i tease the part that comes after the "bangs" and add lots of hairspray! haha!

ano nang pan mo sa hair mo?

izzydore said...

my hair, though not limp, is naturally suwail. so even if i brush it up, it wont stay there. and i don't know how to tease!

i think i'll try to grow the top about as long as Keegan Singh's, but ill take your advice and have the sides and back cut really close. i don't think bagay din sakin yung sobrang ma-volume pati sa sides and back.

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