Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Aesthetics of Grit

I've taken on a smidge of street-grit since I got my feet into these thick wooden-soled low boots from Tim Hamilton Spring 2009. They were manufactured in the same factory where Guidi shoes are made, and they have that same dark weathered feel to them, updated with a hint of Tim's modernism.

black low boots with wooden soles from Tim Hamilton Spring 2009

There is something mysteriously gritty about all-black ensembles. You never knowhow many times a person has worn and re-worn a black garment. You never see dirt on black.

Number (N)ine sunglasses, Tim Hamilton shirt, Alexander Wang shorts, Tim Hamilton shoes

lots of little silver buttons

two new attendees at the wrist party, large white beads made out of tree resin and a coral-and-brass bracelet from Vanessa Mooney, against the leather tuxedo stripe on the Alexander Wang shorts in heavy jersey

photographs by Hudson Shively


Vani said...

Super cool look! I love it!


Andrew said...

wrist swag like no other

Mat said...

those shoes are absolute crackers

megwi said...

Nice work! :)

Maren said...

Nothing says style like shoes that look like they've lived more than the person wearing them!

Taj said...

wow!! those A.Wang shorts are soooo rad!!

Susie said...

forever a sucker for all black. you look great!

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