Thursday, August 11, 2011

Discovering Jehee Sheen

It was an exhausting, oven-hot day picking through the menswear trade shows (and to be frank, finding little to be excited about) when there it was: with kimono sleeves, a singular black button, and both the color and the carefully-crafted delicateness of a good beurre blanc, my jacket for next spring.

kimono-sleeved jacket by Jehee Sheen

Jehee Sheen is a Korean label that has achieved quite some success in Seoul, and is working on breaking into the American market. The clothes are easy, elegant, and they feel exquisite. According to Jehee, "fashion has the ability to remedy the essence of human nature." I very much agree with his views on the transformative power of clothing... perhaps just not so piercing as to alter my very essence! These are the kinds of clothes I like to wear, not clothes that I wear to make me look taller, to stand out, or more dignified, for, say, an interview; but just clothes that bring a sense of joy and wonder when I put them on.

I'm in love with the exquisite fabric of the jacket, the subtlety of the shape, and the overall sense of gentleness it evokes.

a similar lapel-less one-button jacket with shirt-cuffs

a long mandarin-collar shirt with draped pockets by Jehee Sheen

I think this structured linen jacket with a cross between a shawl lapel and a cardigan neckline is quietly beautiful and very wearable.

airy tank tops

and slouchy t-shirts

the designer, Jehee Sheen, pensive and focused

Jehee Sheen's website

photographs taken at ENK NYC


Unknown said...


Matthew Spade said...

this all seems very you you know. his logo is amazing i must say

Izzy said...

Mat: I know! That's why stumbling upon his line was so magical.

Milan Boya said...

i want all!

David Toms said...

I am going to look out for some sheen!

thepinkmateproject said...

this brand is amazing. Your correct, the fabric looks exquisite!


Max Tall said...

Thanks for this post on Jehee Sheen. His thoughts on the transformative power of clothes is quite intriguing.

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