Saturday, August 6, 2011

Nibbles: Nasir Mazhar Hat

designer Nasir Mazhar in a pencil loop hat of his own design

Having a pencil on the side of your head, usually tucked into the ear, is a staple of carpenters, or where I'm from, balut-makers (click at your own risk) who mark these widely-maligned duck eggs if they're ready or not. I think having a pen-loop on this Nasir Mazhar cap is just brilliant; aren't we always fumbling for a writing implement?

photo taken at the London Showrooms, New York


Michele said...

Awesome! I think I would forget I had it on my head though, but that's just me..


haha love it!


Mat said...

snappy idea

Pralinka said...

wow! its such a great idea. I think that it might help me in school :)

I'm also your new follower - I'm really glad that I found your blog

with love,
I have big GIVEAWAY -your participation in it is very important for me!

ronan said...

no idea how you pull this off but it looks so quirky haha :P love it xxx

Mónica C. Welton said...

wow nice!


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