Monday, August 15, 2011

The Thom Browne Tux

(photo by Tommy Ton)

Your shrunken suit has shaped men's fashion indelibly. I admire the influence you've had on the way men dress; droves of dudes the world over would start twitching if you forcibly have them uncuff their trousers, hiding their precious ankles from sight. I may have never owned a piece of Thom Browne, but I am a serial pants-cuffer, and I've always had my suit jackets cut close and just as long as the sleeves, much to the puzzlement of my tailor nearly five years ago. In an effort to change things up in my wardrobe department, I've decided to take on your look in its full severity---too-tight jacket with too-short sleeves over still-too-short shirt sleeves, high-waisted pants cuffed short and wide, neat hair, and maybe even neckwear---at least for the next few outfits or so.

It has recently come to my attention that the Thom Browne tuxedo, in black with grosgrain trim, is the perfect, harmonious combination of the Thom Browne's silhouette and my dark, luxe aesthetic.

Thom Browne tuxedo: so Thom Browne, yet so me (via Park & Bond)

While we're at it, I'd also like Thom's version of the tuxedo shirt. I think that doing a tuxedo shirt in the typically casual oxford cloth and having the bib in cotton pique is subtly and practically brilliant. (via Park & Bond)

Thom, your sartorial genius has got me obsessing over your tuxedo suit for an entire weekend, making me go back and forth re: the versatility of this potential investment. How many times and with how many pieces in my closet can I wear a suit so dressed-up and so shrunken? I did a little bit of photo research to see what options I have:

With a cream cardigan, shorts, and high hosiery, you wear it so well. (via Zimbio)

I could also accessorize with an abbreviated bowtie, a mullet, and have the French cuffs undone. (via The Sartorialist)

Subtle with socks and suede shoes, (via GQ Style)

sportsmanly with a terry cloth headband, sports socks, and tennis balls around, (via Thom Browne)

or psycho-severe with lip tape, pants cut bell-bottom, and a bright, bright yellow taped raincoat. (via Denimblog)

Which leaves me with a slim slew of styling options but to wear it with socks, which I am not keen on doing! I kid. Mr. Browne, it would be an honor to wear your suit gritty and relaxed: tuxedo shirt unbuttoned, wristful of hardware, my beat-up Number (N)ine creepers, fictitious tattoos even. Or perhaps we could make East meet West and wear it with my bib-embroidered polo barong untucked?

But if I ever get my hands on one of your precious tuxedos, I would run to the opera, or to the nearest red carpet gala night, or maybe even throw one myself, and wear it just the way you did at the Met Ball---slick, suave, and shrunken.

(original image via

Your Filipino fanboy,


Mat said...

the whole shrunken things doesn't really work on me and i avoid it like the plague. it just doesn't suit my build (same goes for any suit jackets that are just 1 button. it's like, i'm slighty too tall and not slim enough in the right places. i'm pretty much always sporting a turn up or short trouser though

David Toms said...

I am sorry but I agree with Mat. It just does not do it for me. I turned up my slim jeans once and it looked odd. However on some people it looks fab!

Taj said...

I can see you totez WERQ-ing in that suit!!!

Prêt à Porter P said...

lol @ photoshopped head! Don't forget Thom Browne also designs Brooks Brothers' Black Fleece line, and you can catch pretty decent mark downs on it. I think Thom Browne would not be happy to know I wear this clothes as I don't wear it "his" way--and I find his jackets still run too big.

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