Monday, August 1, 2011

The Spring Shoe Report

I sensed a few recurring themes in footwear at the Spring 2012 menswear trade shows. Allow me to paint a foreshadowing of what shoes we might see in store the season after next.

Creepers - next season's batch will come in a variety of incarnations, most toothsome of these are the ones with jagged "teeth" at the bottom of the sole, giving the functionality of added traction, as well as a sharper profile. Some brands have also taken certain elements of the creeper, say, the leather-stitched uppers or the thick soles, and molded them into modern renditions of punk classic creeper.

George Cox printed hair calf creepers with a jagged sole

double-monkstrap creepers in suede with bronze buckles by Caminando

a slimmer dress-shoe-creeper with the classic leather stitching by George Cox

star-punched pull-on boots with creeper soles by Caminando

Prints - whether they be painted or embroidered, digital or faux-finished, there's just something so artistic and so fleeting about prints (in that you know they won't come back exactly the same next season) that I never get tired of them. These were my favorites:

needlepoint slippers by Stubbs and Wootton, in leopard and in a coat-of-arms print

velvet loafers by Stubbs and Wootton, emblazoned with a storm cloud and musical notes. Might these two come as a pair?

Stubbs and Wootton espadrilles, embroidered with surfboards and tassels

crepe-soled moccasins in snakeskin-print leather by Yuketen

a painterly print on lace-ups by Osborn

a beachy pair of printed slip-ons by Osborn

Whitewashed - next season's white shoes are white from upper to sole, leading the eye to focus more on the shoe's silhouette rather on the white as a a contrast to something else.

white monkstrap creepers by George Cox

whitewashed brogue shoes and boots from Florsheim by Duckie Brown

The New Moccasin - comes in a handful of iterations---some tough, some folksy, some refined---mostly kooky!

wingtip-perforated moccasins by Yuketen

I saw a couple of smart uses of fringe:

multi-colored moccasins with fringe accent by Yuketen

elegant fringed monk-strap dress moccasins by A.Testoni

pillow-soft huaraches from Florsheim by Duckie Brown

lug-soled studded buckle mocassins from Caminando

photographs taken at the MRket and Capsule trade shows in New York


Michele said...

Oh wow! Love these shoes. Those jagged sole creepers are amazing!

Mat said...

some epic things going on here, i enjoyed your choices. the white wash and "nu-creepers" are just dandy. the additions to the mocks are cool too

pinkmate said...

i sooo love this post! i adore men's shoes, good thing i have quite big feet! Men's shoes would fit me! all the shoe designs you posted are to die for!!! checked out the rest of your posts, your outfits are all gorgeous!


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