Saturday, July 30, 2011

Man in a Bottle

"Man in a bottle" is what my friend Mia uses to describe my new scent, Tuscan Leather from Tom Ford's Private Blend Collection. It is quite manly indeed, but not brusque---although a stereotypically dirty-old-man scent done well, say, Terre d'Hermes, could be quite enthralling---it is alluring, more dressed-up, and very, very attractive.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather eau de parfum - I have to admit that part of the charm of this scent is that it is available only at Tom Ford boutiques and at select Bergdorfs and Neimans within the US.

Tom Ford describes it as:
"A chypre blend of notes brings a raw, yet reserved sensuality to Tuscan Leather for an original take on a classic leather scent. Saffron, raspberry and thyme, open to olibanum and night blooming jasmine. Leather, black suede and amberwood add an intricate richness."
See, I'm not one to nasally visualize how a fragrance smells based on its components; what I can do is tell you what smells it reminds me of and what thoughts and feelings it conjures up. I can tell you that it smells like a gentleman: tall and brooding, in a dark suit, and even darker hair, mildly disoriented as if he had just stepped out from seeing a long film at the cinéma, perhaps one that he starred in, the street lights blind him as he remembers it was still daylight when he stepped in, he quickly rubs his eyes with his pointer, blinks twice to readjust sight---impossibly thick eyelashes.

The apothecary-style dark brown glass bottle and the luxe gold and textured board box add to its allure.

Tuscan Leather is dressier and more robust than Baudelaire; this precious liquid manliness in a small 50 mL bottle will be my nighttime scent. What is yours?

photographs by Mikee Tuason



love love love!


Siera Shrout said...

men should always take their scent seriously.
i read this article here:

and i would kind of like to know what your 5 must haves are?

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