Monday, July 18, 2011

Minimal Matthew

Last week, I snapped photographs of somebody who wears minimalism in a way I typically wouldn't dress myself---militaristic, utilitarian, spare---but that I thought to be quite compelling. Minimalism for me would be baggy black from head to toe, slicked-back hair, a sparkly ring, and sleek shoes. Matthew's silhouette is archetypically masculine, but his expert use of accessories (backpack, socks, jewelry) keeps things interesting. Matt Kisly, 24, is a menswear design student at FIT, a huge fan of Marmite, and thinks the best date spot in New York is former US Army installation Fort Tilden.

Tim Hamilton jacket, vintage Helmut Lang shorts, Jil Sander shoes

backpack from the Army Navy store

The vintage Helmut Lang bracelet whispers a mischievous reference, and the silver signet ring by Werkstatt:München is classic menswear.

exposed zipper tape on the Tim Hamilton jacket

a modern crew cut with that awesomely awkward touch of wavy bang

How do you do minimal?



love this look! so elegant!


Matthew Spade said...

i don't to an extent, well not so well anyway. if i do i wear dark grey and black with navy blue. though i did pick up some white socks i'm going to try with black shoes

Matthew Spade said...

i really like his look btw, the backpack is a top find

David Toms said...

I am liking the minimalist look. So chic and effective!

Unknown said...

This isn't far off what I'd consider to be the perfect Spring Summer minimalist approach.

That said, I'd probably be more literal with the military accents including boots etc.

Great post ;)


Anonymous said...

i love being minimal, so easy and looks chic :).


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