Monday, May 2, 2011

The Perfect Black Boots

The weather is warming up and it would only be delightfully erroneous that I start covering up my ankles in shoe leather now, when in the winter I’d only wear monkstraps and oxfords with pants rolled up, still freezing with hiking-thick wool socks. It’s been quite the wait, but I think I’ve found the perfect black boots: round-toed black suede Caminandos laced all the way up with leather laces. The gracefully aging black suede is both blacker much more wearable than leather, and the slightly elongated, Ronald McDonaldsy round toes keep them intriguingly odd.

black suede lace-up boots by Caminando, a Tokyo-based shoe label that has its shoes manufactured by skilled artisans in Mexico. The result is perfectly designed, beautifully shaped footwear with a certain organic, earthy charm that comes with the being handmade in those local factories.

The boots have brought out in me a sudden penchant for ruggedness: I’m laying off the sparkle and drapery for a fleeting second and dabbling in a more masculine, weathered aesthetic.

standing collar linen shirt with fabric-covered buttons by Assembly New York, vintage cuff from Amsterdam, H&M jeans, Caminando boots

I know I said I’m temporarily abstaining from sparkle, but that doesn’t mean I’d forgo hardware altogether. This vintage elephant-embossed silver cuff from Amsterdam is almost armor-like with its heft, and I like seeing it almost as another piece of clothing peeking out of long sleeves.

Cuffs with extra long openings studded with fabric-covered buttons make for a subtly dramatic and very dark shirt.


Matthew Spade said...

are they good in the rain then? i know you said they wear well but everytime ive had suede boots they wimp out when it comes to a bit of wet

David Toms said...

Now they are cool and I love the silver cuff. Actually perfect outfit!

Brandon said...

@Mat they need to get all dirty/fucked up/and yes rained upon to go with their eventual evolution of gypsy boots that would go so perfectly with Izzy's love of all things Haider! Lets make this happen.

Izzy said...

Brandon: You couldn't have said it better.

Mat: I have actually worn them out for two days of moderate rain prior to taking those photographs, and I'd say they do well with moisture. I like how they're developing these sort of balded suede cap toes.

David: thanks, the cuff has got to be one of my largest and most favorite pieces of jewelry

J said...

Yeah, suede is fine in the rain. It's maybe not a thing you want do but good suede is pretty durable.

The best thing about a pair of black stompers is that they're everywhere-- everyone can get some mileage.

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