Monday, May 9, 2011

Weathered Basics

Chase in a vintage military t-shirt from Assembly New York

I'm a staunch fashion existentialist; I think people should wear their most beloved, most esoteric pieces out everyday, out and proud. Such an attitude has caused me to constantly collect these odd, oftentimes impractical show pieces, so much so that I now have a wardrobe (or three) bursting with collector's items. But sometimes, it's the very faintly detailed, basic clothing that people feel most comfortable in, and in turn, look the best in. Chase Dillon illustrates.

vintage military t-shirt, Preston and York belt, Endovanera pleated linen trousers, vintage shirt tied around the waist, Dragan Mrdja shoes

He says he likes to keep a long-sleeved button-down tied around his waist to wear as a cover-up on the chillier spring evenings. I can't say I've ever done the shirt-as-jacket look again since the awkward nineties, but I may consider giving this look a chance.

vintage multi-stripe shirt tied around Endovanera pleated linen jean-trousers

another 90s flashback: drawstring hems on pants

at a vintage home goods store in Brooklyn: his white-boy version of my hairdo du jour, the disheveled finger-brushed flip

Chase just joined the menswear blogosphere with his blog The Sweet and Tender Hooligan. He collaborated with photographer friend Ashley Dupree on an impressive editorial of which many bloggers could only dream their outfit posts be of the same production value. Check it out here.


David Toms said...

I save every piece of favourite clothing over the years and wear it with pride. (When it fits)

Michele said...

He is great! I love the simplicity of his outfit, works perfectly.

thwany said...

love the pants.

Claire M. said...

I love the outfit :)

Claire M.

Ashley DuPree said...

Thanks for the link!

Brandon said...

Hair crush! Curse my curls!

Anonymous said...

Brown + blue = good.
Once again, I totally hear you - I also am personally drawn to the covetable objects that happen to be wearable, yet feel satisfaction in seeing anyone in their worn-in companions. Love it.

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