Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Sweatsuit Alternative

I am just as allergic to the word comfy as your average celebrity shoe designer; I think that the best-looking clothes have a little bit of constrictive reining-in here and there. But if I were to don my sharply tailored suit and shiny new oxfords sockless every single day, I'd be a terribly cranky twenty-something with perpetually bloody feet and a bad case of frozen shoulder.

I have my own ways of managing to look at least half-human when I'm stricken with the lazies. They make up my sweatsuit alternative; a term I first heard on darling old Tim Gunn's show. These tips may or may not work for you, but let me share them with you anyway:

1. A good long black coat hides a multitude of sins. Worn closed with black bottoms, the world sees chic all black and not the salad-stained Sugababes t-shirt you wore to bed last night.

cashmere coat with rabbit fur-lined pockets by Assembly New York, Raf Simons x Eastpak weekender

2. Loosen up in luxe fabrics. Precious prints and soft silks don't only feel good to touch, their wonderful drape also makes them look great worn loose.

Dries Van Noten printed cotton linen jacket, Assembly New York silk shirt

3. Non-athletic athletic pants. A lot of designers are now making sport-inspired bottoms cut a little more flatteringly than your regular sweats, but nearly just as comfortable. Y-3 always makes a good pair.

the signature Adidas trefoil on my favorite Y-3 ninja pants

4. Bring out the bijoux. I'm not recommending you wear a long necklace of tiny silver bells on a lazy day (I'd caution you against wearing one, actually. The heaviness and repetitive chiming did give me a baby migraine...) but what I'm trying to say is that a little hint of bling, say, a nice watch or a subtle ring, would help perpetuate the illusion that you took some time to put yourself together and look polished.

belly-dancing belt from a costume store worn as necklace

5. Find your favorite shoes. You may have to go through tons of pairs before you find those that will allow you to walk for miles without fracturing foot bones, but that you'd still consider stylish and smart. But once you find them, I highly recommend buying more than one pair.

white-soled Dr. Martens lace-ups, perfectly broken in


Matthew Spade said...

you manage so well to make it all look so effortless. my wardrobe is not nearly as exciting as this. though all my coats have gone away now, it's way too warm here. apparently is was warmer here than LA on tuesday.

amazing docs, i have ones the same with black soles but i have never seen these bad boys before. second had or?

Michele said...

These are great tips! I get very lazy sometimes, especially for short trips to the grocery store. So I usually end up looking pretty scary...
And those docs are just a dream!

Simen said...

"Hides a multitude of sins" haha it made me laugh. So true! :)

David Toms said...

Now you have sold me on "comfy and cozy" with style. However I refuse to believe that you are wearing the salad stained T that you wore to bed!

Giancinephile said...

Everything is just impeccable here!

susie said...

This is a very nice reminder of how to manage the struggles of getting dressed when you want to maintain cozy feelings. I needed it.

You look amazing, as always, and I am especially feeling those pants (!!) and shoes.

Andrew said...

loving this
I've been eying a pair of y-3 pants meself! might have to get them nwo

Anonymous said...

Perfectly good advice for those lackadaisical moments each of us has. I especially like the use of silks and linen!

HongKongStreetStyle said...

Great look! Really stylish!

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