Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sibling's East London Pub Crawl

Among those who presented at the London Show Rooms in New York today, the one that surprisingly put a smile to my face was Joe Bates, Sid Bryan, and Cozette McCreery's Sibling. I've noticed Sibling on the periphery, but didn't pay much attention to it in the past, dismissing it as perhaps too casual for my own tastes. But upon closer inspection of the line today, I discovered a clever cheekiness that could work wonders at livening up my wardrobe of dark suiting material and silks and chiffons of varied sorts and patterns.

"Sibling takes a knitted pub-crawl around East London" was the theme of Fall 2011. Each piece in the collection of knitwear was inspired by a pub in the infamous nightlife area.

The George & Dragon in Shoreditch gives birth to a fair isle vest knitted in Scotland, featuring Saint George, crossed cigarettes and dragons.

Inspired by the same pub is this hoodie done in a sculptural technique called dragon stitch.

The soft knit assumes the form of spikes, and makes for a frighteningly awesome sweater.

the merino wool dragon scales up close

The George drape hooded jacket with detachable zip hood had a pattern all over reminiscent of bricks in a dungeon.

Sibling's Sid Bryan styles the jacket on a model.

The jacket's drapey shape is a departure from most of the collection's classic-fitting sweaters, but the coziness of the knit is pure Sibling.

And the piece (or two) that I never thought I'd want but now need more than ever, the twinset they made in collaboration with artist "Pure Evil", featuring pandas with sequin Kiss make-up.

the Sibling Pandas Rock! twinset

Never in a million years did I imagine I'd lust for (1) a twinset, (2) graphic-printed pandas and (3) anything with sequins. Alright, maybe not number 3, but you get what I mean. Slip on the twinset and you're warm, you look cool, you look like a reverse cross-dressing schoolmarm.



aaawww love all!!


my.amalgam said...

the first jacket is really cool, don't get me wrong.
but it is quite unflattering / ill fitting.

just my opinion.

but the second jacket is stunning.
the fit, the sluggishness of it.
i want!


Six Six Sick said...

Those knits were definitely one of the highlights, I know they're made for boys but I definitely want to snatch them up for myself (having the reverse problem that you and Brandon always experience?).

Anyway, great to see you at the event today, we should all get together again soon!

Unknown said...

Wow, I didn't manage to catch this collection back during LFW but thanks for this post - has totally made me reconsider Sibling.

Totally with you on the twinset.


joy said...

I miss the twin set combo, I am glad it is making such a glam comeback. The Kiss inspired pandas are so adorable.

Simen said...

The knitted vest, I like the pattern :)

cheap luminox watches said...

Wow, the pattern of designs are very catchy …… amazing collection. I love it.

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