Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rochambeau Fall 2011

Rochambeau showed last among the presentations and fashion shows I went to in New York, and it was a fitting end to my grueling fashion week. It was nice to see clothes I would wear myself: unique pieces cut in relaxed silhouettes, this time rendered in fresh, new fabrics.

the Rochambeau Fall 2011 lineup

models nearly fully exhausted from the heat of the lights and from the fast-fest that is Fashion Week

For Fall 2011, they continued their use of volume and asymmetry that caught my eye at their showing of their Spring 2011 collection at the Capsule trade show last year, but made cozier and done in more saturated colors for Fall.

my favorite piece out of the collection: an asymmetrical scarf-jacket in an interesting layered yellow and black wool

the fabric up close

a blazer in the same fabric, but done in red

a pair of roomy harem pants that I could layer long john upon heattech long john under without anyone noticing

a striking big red jacket

Rochambeau's official site


Giancinephile said...

... seeing a lot of things I'd definitely love to try myself!!!!! haha

Longuette said...

Hi, I have just found your blog which I think it is a great source of nice pictures, fashion ideas and great style!
Love it! I am going to follow you.


Brandon said...

Wow the wool of that yellow jacket is beautiful reminds me of an old Raf Simons collection. I love the asymetry obvs too. Totes see both you and I in everything pretty much. Next time I'm coming too! REMIND ME!

Six Six Sick said...

I was at this show too, we must have missed each other! And Brandon should have come to! Next time we all need to coordinate!

Izzy said...

tiffany: Yeah I came late and didn't really see you. Next season!!

Diego R. Wyatt said...

I loved this collection. The draping was incresible and I loved the use of color. The fabric is remarkable...I'd be interested to feel what the texture is like.


Mariloé said...

very stylish outfits!!! love them all! Men should more often dress themselves like that.


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