Wednesday, March 23, 2011

British Crown Jewels

I was dazzled by the gems on display at the London Show Rooms in NYC. These baubles may not be the emeralds or rubies the size of fruit set in platinum with big round brilliants surrounding them that you would associate with British jewelry top-of-mind, but rather, they are modern pieces that are very emblematic of the London fashion talent we know and love: quirky, inventive, and unlike any other.

Fannie Schiavoni excited the science geek in me with the most remarkable necklace made out of anodized lab-grown crystals:

I can already envision it, my mad fashion scientist outfit for spring: the Fannie Schiavoni lab-grown crystal necklace over printed silk shirt in blues and greens buttoned all the way to the top, glasses, a Margielic white lab coat, and maybe a battered brown doctor's bag to keep it gritty and down-to-earth.

Schiavoni's necklaces and harnesses in soft-as-silk chain mail

Holly Fulton showed bold graphic pieces with faux stones of inhumane proportions, which we all know I love.

the designer looking very chic in a necklace from her line, paired with vintage fan earrings

Her cuffs looked powerful, and I could very much see them crossing over to menswear. The large, globe-shaped stones on these are almost identical to those used in The Crystal Maze, a game show I spent many a childhood evening watching and fearfully thinking how miserable I'd be if I got trapped forever in the Aztec or Medieval challenge rooms...

crystal and Swarovski split-pearl earrings

and the most mesmerizing bib of crystal balls on lucite

Dominic Jones' blade hoops were intriguingly dangerous:

earrings by Dominic Jones

and his turquoise and silver earring with hematite beads were a modern take on Native Americana.

Though they aren't technically jewelry, Mary Katrantzou's exquisitely embellished pieces were sartorial gems.

Mary Katrantzou digital-print booties studded with pearls

a Mary Katrantzou skirt with paillette flowers, crystals, and beaded digital-print velvet greenery

Louise Gray's necklaces were lighthearted and very wearable.

The one on the far left reminded me of two DIY projects I did a while back, (googly-eyed shoes and the whistle necklace).

the designer, Louise Gray, and her lunatic-chic twinkly eyes


David Toms said...

The first set of gems is just stunning!

Simen said...

Woow, the digital-print booties!

Rosanna said...

love all of these pieces :)

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