Thursday, March 17, 2011


Today, I join the hordes of fadsters who have bought into the leopard print trend. I stumbled upon the perfect leopard print fabric at a shop in Manila---a shirting cotton with just that little hint of stretch for give, in leopard of the perfect hue, with trompe l'oeil hairs---and immediately had it tailored into a long-sleeved button-down shirt.

tailor-made leopard print shirt, star necklace from a shop in Hong Kong, zipper necklace by Marc Jacobs, jacket from Topman

I am absolutely allergic to the word "trend", and though the faunal spots are now omnipresent in fashion publications online, in print and everywhere in between, I just couldn't help but purchase the fabric and make a top out of it---but I've taken measures to keep it my own. I wanted a touch of velvet for that bold luxuriousness. I thought to do the collar in a rounded, club-collar style as a nod to the English dandy, and to keep the shirt from being too overtly fierce. I was, after all, wearing the spots of a wild animal.

Number (N)ine sunglasses, Topman jacket, tailor-made leopard print shirt, Ann Demeulemeester belt, H&M jeans, Number (N)ine flat creepers

Though the shirt and the star necklace are clear cheap knockoffs of Givenchy, or more succinctly, Fauxvenchy¹, I did try to infuse that luxe-weathered-eccentric aesthetic that I commonly associate with myself nowadays.

belt by Ann Demeulemeester. I thought white would be a slightly off, unexpected touch, and I thought the whipstitching echoed that savageness on top.

my Number (N)ine suede flat creepers now weathered and balded and stained: all signs of being very much loved.

Have any of you guys bought into the animal-print craze? A shirt, scarf, shoes, shower curtain? Do share!

¹Acton-Bond, 2010

photos via Pop Bop and Snap


Anonymous said...

Wow that's really one piece of fierce fabulous shirt. I love how you style it too. I'm so glad that you believe in tailoring too, not just buying off the shelves. Congrats.

my.amalgam said...

these photos are insane.

as well as the shoes.

Michele said...

I really love this! And 'Fauxvenchy' that's hilarious, reminds me of 'Fauxdarte'! The shirt looks so amazing and I love the belt.

Anonymous said...

I've never really liked the animal print trend but you definitely pull it off! I think the key is moderation and choosing a print that doesn't rape the eyeballs.

The Shady Chronicles of P and D said...

Nice! That velvet club collar is the perfect, clever touch.

Organic Pirate said...

Love the shirt!! and the zipper necklace is super cute. I have the Jeremy Scott Leopard print tracksuit, so indulge everyonce in a while! ;-)

Brandon said...

This is what Givenchy does to us! We wouldn't buy the real deal on the basis of fadster principles, but when presented with a cheaper Fauvenchy option, why not give it a go? Leopard is a really difficult print because most of the time the average print looks cheap and tacky. You found a realistic and luxe looking fabric so well done! I am the same about wearing leopard too but if I had the option as you did I would try it out for sure. How else do you know if you like it?

Isabel said...

OMG amazing!! This is my favourite outfit of yours ever!

Andrew said...

totallllly digging it

I got myself a pair of snake skin shorts over the winter and I can't wait to wear a fauxvenchy outfit with them. Trying to find a snake skin shirt to pair with it haha

You're rocking this hard though. One of my favorites of yours, too.

Riley Hart said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THE zipper necklace...very much enjoying your blog beebs :)


love the shoes!!

great blog, following you

Giancinephile said...

I sooooooooooo love the leopard shirt! haha

Anonymous said...

where did you buy the fabric???

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