Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Unisex Shoe

natural python loafers by Dieppa Restrepo

I lucked out when I found these at a sample sale; they are the velvet slipper-shoes I've always wanted, done in a material thrice more exquisite. Never have I found a pair of shoes that were just so me: elegant, exotic, and mildly geriatric. They are what Hugh Hefner would wear if he were Cuban and owned a snake farm, among many other livestock-producing estates.

the rich pattern of python in its natural color

close-up of the delicate scales

Dieppa Restrepo is a unisex line of shoes by the Colombian duo Andrea Vargas Dieppa and Elisa Restrepo. Classic gentleman's style inspired the two to create this androgynous collection of footwear. They say their shoes are grown-up sneakers: refined yet simple and versatile enough for everyday.

The brand's "Dancing Shoes" video embodies that fun, yet refined androgyny Dieppa Restrepo is all about. The banded loafers exude such a South American gentlemanly air, and the boots in black patent crocodile are quite handsome too. Check it out:

I need the snow to melt and the temperature to come up to at least fall weather—just for tomorrow—so I can rock my shoes sockless with nary a smidge of black in my outfit.

fourth photo and video via Dieppa Restrepo


Brandon said...

Hope you didn't ruin these already like those poor doccys. Mind you better the shoe then your foot... Like me...

Tom said...

Yummy. Don't you just love the feel of exotic skin?

Izzy said...

b: no, these will stay on my shelf until the snow melts. and yes, better the shoe than my foot!

Tom: I do, it really is delicate. But having this pair in python treated the traditional way makes me wonder how deliciously supple those Zagliani silicone-injected exotic leathers are!

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