Wednesday, February 16, 2011

dandy hipster cowboy

Meet my friend Mike Shaeffer, menswear designer in training.

a certain facial unkemptness my genes just won't permit

He's always been a sharp dresser, but somehow I never get the chance to see him in venues with ample lighting. But thanks to the microwave-hot spotlights at the Billy Reid presentation, I was able to take a few snapshots.

Topman coat, vintage jacket and shirt, Rachel Comey shoes

This is what would come out if Comme des Garcons did a collaboration with Tim McGraw.

Rachel Comey shoes with mismatched laces. Apologies, blurriness unintentional.


Tea For Two said...

He's a stunner, ain't he? :) Looks like a few of my ex-boyfriends delightfully and disturbingly combined.

David Toms said...

I do wish I could grow a beard like that! I am loving te details of the shirt

Brandon said...

That western shirt I'm going to need a version at some point. Sort of makes me want to grow a beard again but not sure I will... Seems like a good guy too and has a pretty funny tumblr if I may add.

Izzy said...

b: beard + taffeta skirt might be startling. or REALLY good

Brandon said...

I think I'll do it next winter. Clean shaven for summer and beard in the winter what do you think?

Izzy said...

b: how about defying convention and doing clean in the winter and beard in the summer? you wouldn't be able to do that many messy layers in the summer anyway, so the scruff would balance it out.

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