Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Luggage Lust

After counting how many weekends I've spent schlepping my mother's tiny old Samsonite wheelie bag on and off the bus to New York, I've decided it's time I go on the market for a good weekend bag. This mid-sized piece of luggage would be my best friend during those weekend trips, and a carry-on supplement to larger suitcases that I'd take with me when I fly long haul. I need something comfortable, spacious, and chic.

In a perfect world, I would have a vintage Hermes Haut a Courroies:

vintage Hermes luggage

or a nicely beat-up Hermes Plume weekend bag, in a size larger than this:

but alas, my wallet can't afford and my arm can't support all that expensive and terribly heavy leather-lined Hermes leather.

Louis Vuitton keepalls are lighter and much less expensive than those Hermes weekend bags:

Louis Vuitton Monogram Macassar keepall, the classic keepall updated with black leather trim

I may have sworn off the widely misworn monogram forever, but the magic of Tommy Ton's fashion week photography has caused me to reconsider.

In defiance of my own discerning tastes and those of the spiteful voices around me, I might just throw caution to the wind and dive back into the deep brown whirlpool of monogram.

Pulling back the reins on my taste for the naff, perhaps I should consider something from classic British luggage maker Globetrotter? Though the seemingly cumbersome belts around the suitcases might be a little discouraging, the bags are light and made out of the indestructibly-sounding vulcan fiber. And they are very handsome as well.

In safari-taupe, they're incredibly rich,

and in black, impossibly chic.
But the print-lined limited-edition Erdem for Globetrotter bags have just the right touch of whimsy to have me pining for them.

However, something tells me I'll end up with a classic Prada nylon trolley.

Chic, simple, and in the spirit of matchy-matchy, it is in perfect color- and material-coordination with my tote and toiletry bag!

What luggages are you lusting for?

Some photo credits missing, please inform me if you know where they're from.


Tom said...

I have the Keepall 45 in Macassar. It's quite low maintenace and spacious, but no pockets. I use it for traveling as a carry on, and it's not too big nor too small to be a shopping bag as well. The lining is unexpected as well.

Brandon said...

We spent 4 hours on skype discussing this. If we do not co-ordinate and get matching Erdem x Globetrotter luggage I'm slitting my wrists. Same goes if you buy anymore LV....

Brandon said...

And Tommy Ton and any other good photographer cannot disguise the fact that Louis Vuitton is the most tasteless, digusting waste of money for the nouveau riche. You couldn't pay me to wear it.

harbourmaster said...

Oh, I yearn for a stack of matching luggage, robust and characteristic, with the right amount of detail to look chic no matter where I travel. Alas, I doubt this would be appreciated in economy class, and I've realised that travelling with minimal baggage is far easier.

David Toms said...

I love vintage luggage and overnight bags! I have a vintage overnighter in leather that used to be my father's in the 50's which I still use! The Globetrotter is fabulous!

Pret a Porter P said...

I'm always drawn to luggage, but I don't travel enough to justify the purchases. I almost wish I had bought Kenneth Cole NY luggage from 4-5 years ago, when he did really interesting looking ones. I have one that matches my laptop bag (which I rarely use), all leather duffel with braided handles. Gorgeous, but SO HEAVY. I used to want the ribcage McQueen Samsonite, but someone talked some sense into me about how impractically beautiful it is. Though I've always admired Bric's. If I were to get another piece it would be a wheeled Bric's of some kind.

Izzy said...

Tom: oh yeah? it seems like some sort of maroonish brown canvas? I can't seem to find a great photo of it open.

B: don't you love how I linked you as a "spiteful voice around me"?

harbourmaster: I'd carry beautiful luggage in economy class! I travel for me and not for my co-passengers.

David Toms: Now you should definitely post a photo of that..

P: Hmmm what makes the Mcqueen x Samsonite impractical? I think it's just the typical hardsided luggage with the ridges looking like a ribcage instead.

Alphabetical said...

I love luggage! Embarrassing fact: I used to collect briefcases when I was a little kid. My fried bought one of these in Stockholm and I thought it was nice: -- simple, not too pricey. I prefer the weekend bag:

Izzy said...

Jonathan: How cute. And I think the weekender looks cool!

Pret a Porter P said...

It doesn't have a top handle, making it in-convenient to lift since it needs to be picked up from the bottom. Plus I've been told it scratches very easily, even if you use the protective cover. Also there's not much room on the inside. It's a shame, because it's so beautiful, and since McQueen's death people have put the prices sky high for them.

Brandon said...

Izzy you know how much I love that you did it out of spite. I am turning into the biggest reason why LV and Gucci are profiting so much. And Yes thanks for the linkage hahaha

Anonymous said...

Globe Trotter is good!!!! its so classy and very light-weight compared to a Louis Vuitton trunk.

Fabio Garcia said...

Hummm, what about a nice and discret Want Les Essentiels De La Vie Malpensa 24 Hour Travel Bag? or a classic and expensive Valextra Avietta Luggage?

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