Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fall Favorites Part II

Gant by Michael Bastian

the most amazing red feather belt

worn with a quilted down jacket done in translucent nylon. I love the touch of the white and spotted feathers that made for a rather "real" print.

Antonio Azzuolo

Big white fur scarves are a little more casual than fur collars and possibly twice as warm.

Steven Alan

bright orange leather gloves that I wish they had styled on a guy

deep red corduroy tiered-skirt suit

Rad by Rad Hourani

men in tights: my favorite piece out of the unisex collection, the short black flappy jacket

Siki IM

so wrong it's right: a 3/4 sleeved black wool wrap kimono jumpsuit that I didn't think I'd ever need but now yearn for more than ever

backstage access to Siki IM pre-show

What were your favorites among the Fall 2011 shows at New York fashion week?


Harry Hilders said...

Is anybody seriously going to wear that red feather belt? Looks like pubic hair ...

Izzy said...

Harry: I beg to differ. Perhaps pubic hair of the most glorious phoenix-peacock cross breed!

Brandon said...

I LOVE YOUR RESPONSE IZZ! Fuck Yeah! I'm so glad you caught a smiling model at that infernal Azzuolo collection. They needed to loosen up! And we both want the same Rad jacket too :/ we could go twosies on it and share it half the week?

Fashion Philosopher said...

I love Siki IM. They are not very known in Europe really goregeous stuff, also nice pics of this designer on Your comment regards the feather belt is very amusing. The Fashion Philospher

Tom Foolry said...

Eh, I can't say I like these styles that much, but then again, I guess I shouldn't be the one reading a men fashion blog... I'm too casual for this kind of stuff, I suppose

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