Wednesday, February 16, 2011

At Ninh

This fashion week in New York was the debut of new menswear line Ninh. Here's what I saw. My eyes went straight to the jewelry, made by designer Cat Varga for Ninh's Fall 2011 collection:

star necklace worn with a trimmed blazer-cape

multiple-finger rings of different sorts:

with a large crystal and a skinny chain

coiled thrice, then once

angular and worn with leather fingerless mittens

I really liked Ninh's use of ruching, a widely misused technique commonly seen in womenswear. It adds texture and subtle volume to the blazer, and there is a certain subtlety in having this detail only visible from the back.

Ninh's ruched blazer sleeve

on the chicest lady in the room: Yigal Azrouel cape with earrings set in dark metal

the designer, Ninh Nguyen


brain said...

Hi, Its me.. Cat Varga (not Car) Thanks very much for the great photos and captions. Much appreciated!
My site will be up soon. In the meantime, feel free to reach me at

Izzy said...

Hi Cat, thanks for dropping by, glad you like it! I'm making the edits right now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Izzy, Thanks for doing that! And the link!

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