Sunday, February 6, 2011

Crangi Class

Gushing over a style icon is never beneath me; I don't ever claim to be a hundred percent original in my tastes and likes. I think observing what other people wear is one of the easiest ways to develop personal style: you have a look at what's out there, you see what can be done, you learn what you like and what you don't like, and you take what makes your tastebuds tingle and make it your own.

CFDA-awarded jewelry designer Philip Crangi is one of those people whose sense of style I admire. Interview magazine described him to be reminiscent of "Jack Sparrow marooned on the shores of Williamsburg", with his tattoos and signature jewelry. He keeps a sense of humor in the way he dresses, tempered by a touch of darkness and a penchant for the classics. The result is amusing, yet refined, and very original. These are a few of my favorite Philip Crangi looks:

in an always elegant un-ironed white oxford button-down, perfectly orchestrated curls, and what looks like Giles and Brother screwhead stud earrings

now with a jacket over the shirt, cuffs undone, revealing an aggressively gold Rolex. I'm counting the days until my father hands me down his.

showing off his signature ink and hardware, and note the handsomely beat-up Hermes double-tour Cape Cod watch (via GQ)

in a spread for Man About Town, the photo on the right showing a very interesting ornate necklace worn over a shirt and tie (via Refinery 29)

a long keychain draped over the neck? (via Getty images)

in the perfectly worn-out Barbour International jacket and a scarf tied quite interestingly. Can anybody figure out how he knotted this? (via The Sartorialist)

another view of the same outfit, this time by Tommy Ton (via Jak and Jil)

immaculate, yet fully bearded, in a navy suit, patterned bowtie, and tortoiseshell Wayfarers (via Jak and Jil)

Right now I'm sitting amidst a pile of clothes I tried on, barely halfway done packing for New York Fashion Week. Whenever I find myself in a styling roadblock, I think to myself, "what would Crangi do?" How about you, dear readers, who are your style superstars of the moment?


Michael said...

I'm not gonna lie. I have three of these photos on my inspiration board.

Crangi's kinda an inspiration over here too.

David Toms said...

Oh, now that is personal style, and nobody not even Brad Pitt looks better than he does with a beard!

Izzy said...

Michael: Nice, do you actually have a physical inspiration board?

David: agreed, and agreed.

Prêt à Porter P said...

He's got very handsome features too. I like the bit of ruggedness, it's looks very natural on him.
As far as style inspirations, no-one new for me, the usual fictional characters, and I always like to see what E. Alt is doing. I like ADR's tailored look of late too.

Michael said...

Iz: Nope, just a tumblr like the rest of us internet douchebags.

I keep it secret, mostly for embarassment reasons.

Cillian said...

Incredible hair. I wonder how he gets the curls just so...?


Anonymous said...

Nick Wooster! Great style and I love a silver fox haha did I really just say that now? x

TheMen'sSide said...

He looks awesome, but my nr 1 is Nick Wooster!!!

Izzy said...

p: fictional characters? I'd like to know!

Michael: please share the url :)

Cillian: I'm positive that was achieved with the help of a curling iron.

Anonymous: yes you did

Tea For Two said...



And his ink totally works. Enhances his personal style 100%.

Brandon said...

What would Rei do...

Andrew said...

I've definitely seen a photo or two of him before, but it's great to see them all together. So it's settled: he's incredible.

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