Monday, May 4, 2009

Socks with Sandals

I was looking for a way to de-feminize and tone down the Eurotrash vibe of these sandals, when I thought, why not wear them with socks?

Erotokritos sandals with Primark cartoon-print socks

It's like layering, but for your feet! I had so much fun making my basic pair of sandals take on an infinite number of new looks just by changing the socks I wore under.

Women have so much fun with tights and stockings and socks, why does the display of men's hosiery have to be relegated to the moment their pants hike up caused by the act of sitting down and crossing their legs?

Oh and new watch!

Casio calculator watch in silver

I already have it in gold, but one can't possibly have too many Casio calculator watches!


Cruz said...

Love the sandals, like what you did with em. Cool watch too!

Shelby said...

That watch is classic, I love it!

Edrick said...

winner! love the watch!

Dr. Debonaire said...

i want the watch!

Roxy sadals uk said...

nice blog and all the thinks look awesome and the most beautiful thing is the sandals. anyway why don't you go for the flip flap just check this out..

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