Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Eccentric and the Geriatric + The Summer Boots

A couple of new blogs that have peaked my interest these past few days are going to be added to my link list.  One leaning towards the offbeat and another featuring the interesting fashions of the elderly, both reminding us that there is fashion inspiration to be found beyond the streets of the major cities during fashion week.  

Mister Mort is a street style site with an eye for the eccentric.  He gravitates towards striking, fascinating characters that march to their own beat.  

Much like this gentleman in a kaftan, turban and pearls.  Yes, pearls!  Four strands of pearls draped casually around his neck in twos make for an interesting accessory which he carries off in a manner more enigmatic than swishy.  

Artist Terence Koh in a beautifully draped deconstructed suit.  Notice the asymmetrical shirt.  The gold in his sunglasses and shoes (Dries?) richly contrast against the gray of his suit.

A man in a hat which seems to be a cross between the late 90's travesty called the fisherman's cap and the boater hat that the blogosphere has been buzzing about for a while.  

Speaking of accessories, Mister Mort shows exquisite brogues in the most perfect shades of gray and green.

Homeless-looking dude wearing the tartan plaid hunting coat and oxblood leather boots the fashion crowd is just crazy over at the moment.

Remember the days when people actually got dressed up to work, when a gentleman would not leave home on a weekday without putting on a suit and a complementary hat?  News flash: some of the people from that time are still walking the streets, and are still dressing up for the stroll.  Advanced Style puts the spotlight solely on the impeccably dressed oldies but goodies.

This gentleman sports "Gazelle" eyeglasses by Cazal, which he admits have become his trademark through the years.  

Very Raf Simons for Linda Farrow Vintage, don't you think?  (Photo from Seven New York)

I'd wear everything this fine gentleman is wearing:

The tartan plaid wool coat is amazing, something I could definitely see myself wearing a lot if I lived in a cooler climate.  The camouflage tote is LL Bean and I've got one already.  

His Rugby by Ralph Lauren color-blocked cardigan is a bold choice, but it does suit him well.  And his round spectacles!  Oh everything is perfection.

I debuted my beige suede boots by The Kooples today and dubbed them as my ideal summer boots.  They are the perfect complement to my summer palette of gauzy whites, blacks, and washed denims.

Jeans by Cheap Monday, The Kooples beige suede Santiags

The substantial heels can feel a bit wobbly to walk in at first, but there's something about cowboy boots that make you walk with a little more gaucho swagger.

A trio of pendants today: a signet ring, pliers and a key.


beautiful things said...

- i love the mister mort site!

- for a minute there i thought the signet ring was a margiela accessory. cute.

-h said...

speaking of margiela. did you make your decision on which one to get?

ive discovered mr mister too recently. i like what i see. very interesting styles. and even though its done in new york i like seeing how different bloggers have different perspectives of the city.

your kooples boots are so immaculately beautiful.

xS said...

that mister mort site is ace - can't believe we never found it sooner? also boots are top - really hoping the kooples opens soon over here, otherwise im gonna have to take another expensive eurostar trip...xS

Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog recently and its been a pleasure reading your entries that are well written! you don't simply regurgitate your content from other fashion sites, but you give your own opinion. i love it!

ps. i've seen you before in school (ADMU) and labeled you as a foppish dude.

- B

Eden said...

hi iz,

thanks for hilighting the mr. mort site. i have yet to see it for myself but those pictures are incredibly thought-provoking!

btw, i don't know if you like these questionnaire tagging things, but i did tag you on my blog, so check it out.:)

much love


izzy said...

beautiful things: thank you, I aspire to be Margielic.

xS: Mister Mort is relatively new, I think. So it was just a matter of time :) I heard from a little birdie that a boutique in Hong Kong will be carrying The Kooples stuff. So I guess I'll have access to The Kooples a little sooner than you do!

B: I appreciate that you appreciate my writing. And thanks for the label, whatever definition of foppish you meant it to be. I'd love to know who you are, perhaps e-mail me your name? It would be nice to know a little more about the (very few) people who recognize me in public!

naboonies said...

I like the round specs.. I'm wondering if they suit a square jaw like mine?

Oi, beware of the jeans bleeding onto your beautiful boots!

izzy said...

naboonies: Oh let them bleed. I want them to weather.

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