Tuesday, April 14, 2009

tailor-made tweeds for temperate temperatures

(just touched down in London town!)  Zara fedora, tailor-made tweed jacket, Bossini shirt, Topman gloves, Cheap Monday black skinnies, Comme des Garcons bag, Margiela shoes

Bored by the lack of cold weather outerwear options in the city that I live (it is Manila, after all), I decided to take to the tailor's and have a cold-weather jacket made.  I spotted a huge roll of black and white tweed lying around the corner, and it immediately reminded me of this one-button tweed jacket by Obedient Sons that I had lusted for just recently.

one-button tweed jacket by Obedient Sons (photo from men.style.com)

So, with a print-out of that photo in tow, I marched back to the tailor's and had that project rolling.  The tweed came out lighter than the one used in the Obedient Sons jacket, and there was a tiny mishap on the button placement, but I was nonetheless happy with the result:

It did serve me well in the London cold, despite the sleeves being unlined.  (I was too stingy to pay full-price for a fully-lined jacket.)  Here it is worn on the day we went by Buckingham palace to see the changing of the guards.

worn with vintage bowler hat, Zara shirt, Greyhound ribbed-cuff jeans, Topman gloves, Margiela shoes

Funny enough, my gloves perfectly matched the horse's blanket and a few of the street-cleaners' uniforms.


Frederic Betancourt. said...

OMG I really love Ur jeans...

-h said...

that jacket turned out pretty cool. wow! those gloves are bright

naboonies said...

Beautiful blazer! Looks like you went all out in London ;)

Noelle Chantal said...

You look great, Izzy! I esp like the jeans on the second outfit plus neon gloves, very nice! and the tweed blazer is just perfect with the plaid shirt and bag.

Great great outfit as usual. And I love your London photos too. :)

MT Days & Nights said...

I like that tweed blazer. It looks like a Marni one I have.

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