Friday, April 17, 2009

shopping feature: DOM Christian Koban

I chanced upon DOM Christian Koban while shopping in the Marais in Paris (which I can now add to the likes of Harajuku in Tokyo, Oxford Street in London and the whole of Hong Kong as my most treasured shopping haunts).  Quite a number of chic Marais-ites were bustling in and out of the shop's decidedly dark interiors, I had to at least pop in to check it out.  

at the DOM storefront

Aptly described by my non-fashiony brother as a European Urban Outfitters without all the outfits (with more emphasis on the other fun stuff they peddle), DOM was indeed a stimulating find.  They sell everything from rubber raincoats, to collapsible market totes, to art books and music, to furniture, to the most adorable finger monsters.  

inside the DOM shop

DOM is a German brand, and outside Germany, it only has shops in Paris and Amsterdam.  It does have an interesting online shop though, where I found this clever sleeping mask:

and quite an unreadable but nonetheless cool-looking watch (?) called the "UHR Tokyoflash Pimp 2".

They've also got a creative and affordably-priced selection of jewelry too.  For the ladies,

cable-knit bangles.

I left the store with this handsome brass signet ring,

which can be described as "grandfather's ancient gold ring meets grandmother's teatime linens",

and this heather gray jersey cotton and metal chain neckpiece

which I have not yet figured out how to wear or what to wear with.  If you've any ideas, please share them by way of a comment, thanks!


Frederic Betancourt. said...

U always surprise me...
Thank U!
I loved the watch and need the mask..

-h said...

i had someone i used to work with buy a tokyo flash watch. depending on the sequence that the lights flash is how it tells time, but really they're more for decoration.
cool store!

naboonies said...

Shot why didn't I find the store when I was in Paris? Another gem that I missed :(

I like the ring and neckpiece!

I'd wear that with a simple white tee tucked into gray jersey drop crotch pants!

naboonies said...

oh ya btw the tokyoflash IS a watch. google tokyoflash and you'll find the website (it's a Japanese brand, obviously HAHA)

They have the coolest watch collection around!

Robbie Delon said...

The 5 more minutes sleeping mask it genious haha.


Chai said...

My friend has a Tokyopop and I can't even read the damn thing but he understands it super easily.

And that neckpiece is awesome. I'm probably going to DIY it later on this week when I get the chance to pop down to the fabric store.

The Divinitus said...

i like the top outfit as chic and still nonchalant; not forced.

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