Wednesday, April 15, 2009

to Church('s) in bellbottoms

So here I am wearing the bellbottoms I had blogged about earlier, they're a totally new silhouette for me, but one that I found surprisingly wearable.  

Zara trench, long cardigan, and white buttondown, tailor-made bellbottoms, Miu Miu laceups

If any of you guys decide to try out bellbottom pants, I suggest that you have them cut way longer than you usually do your regular trousers, for a good drape.  My tailor had cut them a little too short at first and let's just say the effect wasn't too pleasing.  I had to undo the stitching and re-stitch the hems longer merely hours before my flight.

a trip to Church's

Church's is one of those "institutions" of quality and great craftsmanship, much like an English Hermes, without all the hype.  I had previously come across a couple of their boutiques in New York, but had pretty much ignored them thinking that the wares were on the stodgy side.  It was only when I had seen Tommy's that I understood their charm.  I was ecstatic to find a pair of beige suede penny loafers at a ridiculously awesome price, a perfect replacement for my beige suede Zara's that served me well thoughout the whole trip.

They came with free socks!  I just had to get the green, purple and yellow striped ones.

Note to self: no more beige shoes for the next few months.  Clockwise from top left: Cypric sandals from Erotokritos, Church's penny loafers, the trusty Zara shoes, The Kooples boots


-h said...

the new shoes are absolutely gorgeous. and i like your sandals too. and fantastic pictures from your trip!

naboonies said...

those penny loafers are amazing... I like the tan sandals too!

Bell bottoms is an interesting silhouette non? I have a flare Guess jeans but unfortunately it was hemmed too short, I totally understand what you say about the importance of hem length!

michelle said...

I never thought your pants would turn out that nice! I guess we're opening our horizons to pants that are wide in the bottom. I share your passion for beige suede shoes, so I don't think you can never have enough. :)

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