Saturday, March 28, 2009

Next stop: London

in a few hours, where I can't wait to wear my freshest tailoring project: plaid wool bellbottoms. I plan on pairing them with a trench a la Christopher Bailey for Burberry Prorsum.

Here they are, obviously I had to haul them out of my already packed suitcase to share them with you guys.

My tailor had a field day reminiscing his 70s golden days where droves of men would come to him, all asking him to make them pants in this odd silhouette. Note the "continental" pockets on this one; I think it gives it that yesteryears vibe.

That'll be four days in London, then Paris, then Rome. I'll be gone for just a couple of weeks, and I'll try my very best to blog on the go.  Again, if you could suggest must-sees (shopping, dining, nightlife, sightseeing, with emphasis on the shopping) in any of those cities, it would be delightful if you could leave a comment.  Until then!


-h said...

enjoy your travels!

coin-operated ninja said...

i could imagine mang jun reminiscing his 70's golden days. lol.

anyway, have a safe trip! :)

Marquis de Lannes said...

J'adore le look!
Bisous de Paris!!

Michael K said...

Izzy, it's great to hear that you will be coming to London. It would be great to meet up if you have time.
What kind of things will you be shopping for? I have quite a few recommendations. PM me over LKBK and I'll respond with a better list!

naboonies said...

Hi here are some of my recommendations:

Paris: 'Stock' shop La Piscine (discounted past season designers items including Margiela, Vivienne Westwood, Les Hommes, etc etc)

They have three branches, I've been in all three but the best stuff is at rue des Francs-B0urgeois, in Le Marais neighbourhood (Metro St Paul): I got a Margiela T-shirt at 15euros, there are tonnes of shoes etc2. check them out yeah?

If you walk further along the road you can find MUJI!

Oh btw I posted my Paris and Antwerp (in case you're going there) shopping trip in my blog:

Frederic Betancourt. said...

You know I loved that collection..

Noelle Chantal said...

wow, that sounds so much fun! i'm excited to see your outfits there and beautiful photos of Paris! enjoy! :)

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