Monday, May 18, 2009

Well-executed Classics + Timex Is Back

I was alerted by Alphabetical on the existence of quite a few well-executed classics on the J. Crew website. With the situation being that I'm making the move to a rather conservative, preppy city in a few months, I thought it might be best to revisit the classic side of me and temporarily put on hold the relative weirdness I've been displaying on this blog for the past few months. (Truth be told, wearing classics is great and satisfying in real life, but somehow it translates into a total snoozefest when broadcasted over the blogosphere.)

J. Crew tote in canvas - Totes are no longer the girly bags they used to be a couple of years ago. The snap closure and the optional gussets are a plus.

J. Crew tote in rubber - for the rainy days. I like the black+brown combination.

Globe-trotter Centenary 21" trolley case in sour lemon - Perfection. Practical, classy, not at all bling-bling-trashy. No need to tag your luggages with the most obscure ribbons, you'll know it's yours the moment it steps on to the carousel.

I know this color combination of sour yellow and beige straps is exclusive to J. Crew (as well as black+beige and beige+beige), but I can't help but be concerned about what the fact that Globetrotter luggage is sold off the J. Crew site does to the Globetrotter brand. Somehow the traditional English luggage maker loses some of its old-world mystique when its wares are peddled on such a prevalent retail outlet on the Internet, no less.

Selima Optique for J. Crew Rivington glasses - The two nails on each temple nicely punctuate the timeless shape.

Selima Optique for J. Crew Menrad glasses - (from the women's section) This pair would look great with tinted lenses.

Formal Accessories
Chambray white-tipped pocket square - If I could have one pocket square besides plain white, it would be this. Imagine how great this would look with a summer suit.

Sterling silver i.d. bracelet - Originally shunned for its dirty-old-man connotations, I'm willing to give it another chance.

Timex military watch - from the J. Crew website: "We joined forces with Timex to design this military-inspired watch - an icon from the 40s, back from the archives (and only available here)." Burberry did something similar a few years back, but it just wasn't quite believable with the Burberry logo etched on it. This watch is minimalism perfected, and sold at quite a reasonable price.

My delight with this Timex military watch prompted me to share with you a series of Timex watches I regret not having bought a piece of when I saw it in Selfriges, London last month. The minimalist Timex 80 watch was just recently re-released in a whole slew of colors.

Yummy shades, though it's my liking for the black that pervades.

Gold and silver, distant cousins of my Casios

They also came up with a special edition which comes with an matte-finish elasticated bracelet...

In burgundy, it's something else.

And in the special edition, slightly reddish gold, it's quite classy.

...and the coolest case. All Timex 80 watches available at Oki-ni.

The problem with classics though, there's way too many of them to acquire, perhaps even for one lifetime.


MFR said...

J. Crew tote in rubber looks amazing
its so simple yet so great
it could be held for casual and formal wear
i wonder what the price would be

Pret a Porter P said...

my vote goes to the rubber tote as well. and i like the burgundy watch.

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

Nice stuff... i like the rubber tote too! yes one can never have enough classics!

fred said...

I just loved second bag and first watch..

Anonymous said...

the shape of that rubber bag, i wonder where it originated. i am sure the hermes garden party bag in amazonia is no less a version of an original classic than this is.

i have an inexplicable resistance to jcrew.

Barima said...

Much like Tricker's, it seems that Globe Trotter is chosen for its fashion collaborations on the basis of being the best there is at what it does. So there's at least a modicum of respect involved

I like the chambray square. Available anywhere in particular?

Anonymous said...

as much as i want totes, i somehow still find it a lil hard to carry it in a masculine fashion


Izzy said...

MFR: the rubberized tote retails for $150.

editor: yes, and there are similar totes from LL bean, too. Inexplicable? I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to psychoanalyze that resistance :)

Barima: I think that sometimes, these old-fashioned companies need a little bit of modern marketing help from time to time. The website says that the pocket square is available for purchase online or through their catalog only.

Noelle Chantal said...

I like the rubber tote, yes very timeless. and I've been wanting to buy a Casio watch just like yours, but I can't seem to find a gold one, hay. and i'm loving tinted glasses too.

great picks as always and i love the classics in this post! :)

Dr. Debonaire said...

Ugh I broke my gold times last night... this post makes me sad :(

Anonymous said...

i checked for you - the zip-front boots in your OC post are OC, $400.
the chalk-striped suit is beautiful. utterly. but i find myself distracted with some things from odin ( that are more suited to summer weather. i will revisit lad musician when the weather becomes more wool-friendly.

Watch Me Go said...

Timex 80s are now out in new SS2010 colours and styles - buy them on line at the Watch Me Go webstore... or come and browse out cool vintage watches!

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