Thursday, May 7, 2009

April 77 Fall '09

I always look forward to seeing the April 77 look books, the styling is consistently impeccable.  How they balance wearability and do-ability with producing a look book that is directional astounds me.  For Fall 2009, April 77 brings us a fresh blend of tribal prints, folksy fringe, and traditional American workwear, all with that lingering aftertaste of French rock and roll.  

That plaid tunic intrigues me, though I'm 99% sure I wouldn't wear it as a dress.  But I would wear the poncho on the left with a wide-brimmed straw hat for intense folksiness.  (collage from Mode Man)

The beat-up Dr. Martens are to die for, and I need those tribal-print fingerless gloves in my life.

The more familiar rock and roll side of April 77.  They've made layered silver bangles quite masculine.  Is that a sweat suit to the right?  Looks amazing.  

The plaid shirts are fine, but I know I could get a shirt of similar look and quality from the high street.  However, I am seriously coveting these beige suede bucks (as well as all the other shoes in this look book) and that fiery mop top on the guy below.  Why was I not born a readhead?

EDIT: Speaking of Dr. Martens, I saw these at the mall today, at 50% off.  Bronze eight-hole Dr. Martens: yay or nay?


Frederic Betancourt. said...

OOh Iz, I just loved iiiit!

Edrick said...

lololove this post!!

me, i don't need a beat up doc marts..mine is already beat up from overuse! hahahahaha but i swear DMs are so strong it would probly last longer than me! :-p

as for the bronze DMs, go for it! hehe :-)

cfraisrudy said...

Nay... I Love Doc Martens (I own Three pairs), but I don't really like this colour. Those from April 77 are indeed to die for !

Elle said...

Hell yay! What you waiting for?!?!

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