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The Dandy Project Interview Series: The Lego Boy in Raf Simons

Style stalking: if you're reading this blog, you're probably guilty of it. I know I am. Originally coined by Style Salvage, the term pertains to act of closely (sometimes obsessively) following another person's sartorial choices and the execution thereof. Style stalking, coupled with the breadth and diversity of the Internet, means that if you're sick of ogling the same old cool kids in your neighborhood, you now have an entire and perpetually expanding library of cool kids to admire, take inspiration from, or blow up into antimatter with your envious stares. 

the boys of Les Mistons, French cinema's most mischievous stalkers

As a new segment on The Dandy Project, I am going to interview my most favorite style-stalkees, asking them the questions I've been dying to ask. Tired of the ditzy old "tag five of your Blogger friends" questionnaires that float about the blogosphere, I made it a point to make this interview series something different, tailor-made to the interviewees, and upbeat as well. Each of these style-stalkees inspires me in a different way, and I sought to explore that and share it with you, much loved readers. See, not only am I a frustrated designer, or stylist, I am a frustrated journalist as well. 

Today, The Dandy Project interviews Galahad J of Hapsical, a fashion blogger and student from London.  I had long been a fan of his DIY Lego projects and his enviable wardrobe of Raf Simons, so when he agreed to be interviewed, you can imagine how stoked I was.

Galahad, as photographed by the Facehunter

You know me, I like a healthy dose of crazy in fashion, but rarely do I see someone who succeeds in doing an overdose of crazy.  Readers, meet the boy who wrote the book on experimental.

The Dandy Project:
Tell us about your blog Hapsical.  Why the skew towards womenswear (despite you being a guy)?  When writing on Hapsical, you always use "we" when speaking in the 
first person.  Do you have a co-writer/editor for the blog? 

Galahad: My issue with menswear is that often it just doesn't convey the creativity, fun, and fantasy that women's fashion does, and those are the sorts of areas I like to explore with my blog.  

a collage of flowery frocks and accessories on Galahad's blog Hapsical

Sure there are lots of stylish guys and there's lots of interesting stuff going on in men's fashion, but in terms of blogging, it just appeals to me less.  The fact that I'm a guy actually makes it harder to blog about men's fashion because I find it quite difficult to even consider menswear that I wouldn't wear myself, and the reason I don't just discuss my own approach to fashion (aside from the fact that what I like is very limited) is that I never wanted Hapsical to be a personal blog.

That's also why I write it as 'we' when, in fact, ‘we’ is just me… it's so my blog remains about a general love of fashion, not about my personal life.  The 'we' also makes it sound slightly more professional! 

TDP: Why do you blog?

G: I blog because I love fashion, and I like to spread the love.  Even if I wasn't blogging I'd probably be keeping some kind of visual record of current things that I like, or which have inspired me, in fashion, so my reasoning is why not make it public in blog formand share it with others too. 

TDP: What is London style to you? 

G: London style is all about originality and non-conformity.  

A bowtie made out of Lego blocks, a New Year's Eve party invite as a pocket square

We don't have 'natural' style like people in Paris or Milan, and our style is not as polished as New Yorkers', but there is so much more creativity and so much more energy.  In London almost anything goes which I think is wonderful.  

Lighten up, it's just fashion!  Waterproof Prada hat

You go to, say, Paris and you'll see many more chic and elegant people than in London, but it's all rather safe and predictable.  Even the cool kids in Paris have this air of tasteful respectability to them. 

TDP: Describe your style using three animals. 

G: Hmm, I'd have to say unusual like a giant panda, bright like a parrot, and, of course, cool as a polar bear  - hahaha, worst reply ever!  (at least I resisted saying fierce like a tiger, though..) 

Bright primaries are his best friends.  Meanwhile, I need more Raf Simons in my life.

TDP: What do you wear on the plane? 

G: I have a pair of grey Cheap Monday jeans and a striped Paul Smith sweater that I always seem to wear on planes - no idea why.  People often seem to get worked up about what to wear for flying, but my view is that it's just a flight and it doesn't matter (Still there are those who want to make sure they'd leave behind a well dressed corpseshould the worst happen, and I can kind of understand that!) 

TDP: Splurge on?  

Futuristic shoes are one of his trademarks.  Collage of men's futuristic footwear on Hapsical.

G: Shoes.  Cheap shoes = bad news.

TDP: Skimp on?  

G: Jeans---so overrated.

TDP: You’ve gained some fame around the blogosphere as Lego boy with your homemade Lego jewelry (genius, by the way).  Tell us about it.  How long do you intend to keep this up?  Anything new cooking? 

Galahad's DIY Lego house.  Shirt and sandals by Raf Simons.

G: I've got a few new Lego projects underway; I think it's about time for something new.  It's just a matter of finding the time to make something, and getting round to buying some more pieces.  I've got loads of childhood Lego but inexplicably quite a lot of it has chew marks on (wonder how that happened…) which means I'm now a fairly frequent customer at  We have super-amazing French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac to thank for my Lego obsession, not, contrary to what lots of people think, Marc by Marc Jacobs/Dee and Ricky's very limited Lego attempts, which pale in comparison to Castelbajac's Lego-covered New Era caps.

TDP: Everything tastes better with ______ on it?  

G: Lanvin (written)

Paul Smith shirt in the most sumptuous floral pattern

G: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me, and all the best with your blog and (very cool) DIY projects in the future!

Galahad on Lookbook
Galahad on Blogger


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he has very interesting style. i will check his blog out.

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cool interview. i'm a fan of this guy on lookbook.

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Great job, Zz! Very excited about this new segment of yours.

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I like him!

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love the black vest on you. :)

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he's so fabulous it hurts.

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