Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Amazing Technicolor Garment-in-the-making

Fabric stores have a way of not letting you go home without something in tow.  Today, it was this stunning plaid silk in the most vivid jewel tones of sapphire, blue-green, and fuchsia.

Originally purchased towards the fabrication of a pair of pleated shorts, that plan was aborted once I mocked-up the fabric onto myself: folding it like shorts, and looking in the mirror.  The fabric was not only very colorful, it was also iridescent; I could not bear to wear it as a pair of shorts lest I elicit stares for all the wrong reasons.

I thought it best to turn the fabric into a shirt, and while in the shower I thought of paring it down with touches of black, especially up top, as I have a problem with having so much saturated color next to my face.  I quickly drew up this [substandard] sketch with my hair still dripping wet, fearful that the idea of the shirt would escape me:

The shirt will have a black collar, black short sleeves, a black yoke that extends to the front (halfway through the height of the armhole), and two small black patch pockets to echo all the black happening above.  The white part is where all the plaid silk goes.  Here's hoping the shirt doesn't come out looking like a joke.  If you don't hear about this ever again, you'll know what happened.

Side note, here's my sister and I debuting our new sneakers, courtesy of Theodore's Huge Shoe Price Cut.  Now that was one honest-to-goodness sale, Manila should definitely have more sales of that kind.  

silver mid-top Common Projects on her (so jealous) and black patent Swear Grants on me


-h said...

you have your great thoughts in the shower too? ;)
i really like the vibrant colors of the fabric, and i esp. like how vibrant colors really pop with black. hopefully the shirt will come out well! but i think so, because all your other stuff comes out amazing!
you inspire me to to get more custom stuff made one day!
-ps. what ever came of your green jacket?

izzy said...

h: summer caught up with me, and it became way too hot to wear a jacket like the green one. but when the weather gets a bit cooler, I might reconsider having it made.

Frederic Betancourt. said...

I bet it will be awesome!

Style Salvage Steve said...

Looking forward to seeing this one, great fabric choices!

fuchsiaboy said...

reminds me of patadyong. can't wait to see the pinish product (ala mother ricky reyes).

are you going to put darts on the back to make it a little bit fitted?

izzy said...

don: I was searching for the word, yeah patadyong! hahaha!
No darts, it's going to fit exactly like the chiffon shirt below.

capsulewardrobe said...

im drooling over that silver shoes! i heart your blog, i hope you can share tips on tailoring

thompsonboy said...

so what happened?

Izzy said...

thompsonboy: this is what came out of it

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