Monday, February 16, 2009

Y-3 Fall 2009: A Review of the Only Other NY Collection that Mattered

Okay, so that might have been a little harsh.  Band of Outsiders and Patrik Ervell may have come up with decent collections but both, in my opinion, failed to bring forth absolute must-have pieces much less ultra-directional solid looks that would change the face of fashion forever.

Ervell did minimalist tweaks here and there on classic American sportswear, and, keeping the proportions relatively classic, came up with looks that were wearable and sharp.

Patrik Ervell Fall 09

There were a couple of covetable bottoms at Band of Outsiders: heather gray dress sweatpants and flood-length pants with a slight flare, but in terms of the overall look and styling, it wasn't something that couldn't be seen on the pages of Men's Non-no months ago.  
two looks from Band of Outsiders Fall 2009

Y-3, on the other hand, I very much enjoyed.  In perhaps the most complex look in the show, Phillip Huang wears an entire slew of highly covetable pieces:

(1) fleece jersey long coat, (2) what appears to be the men's version(!!) of Michelle's Y-3 jacket which I adore, and (3) a wrap (?) or wrap shorts, I'm not really sure what it is but I want it.

Yamamoto offers a more wearable take on the shorts-over-long-johns silhouette that has been flooding the blogosphere recently.  Alternatively, he pairs stacked-up pants with shorts that are so long and voluminous they appear almost like the bottom part of a long coat.  

Speaking of volume, it was nice to see these cargo pants with loose, drapey pockets sewn on which reminded me a lot of my Eairth jammies I posted a while back.  

A few more noteworthy pieces:

extra-long parka, great for rainy and cold days

the perfect anthracite leather bomber

zip-up sweater with exaggerated sailor collar which I would love to wear open

and these sunglasses that bring into fashion the cheesy athletic-style sunglasses of the 90's.

And for the ladies:
a seriously chic cropped baseball jacket

and cropped lace-up polka dot pants!

I can't wait till 2010 to snatch a couple of the above items on sale!
(photo credits:

Edit: Victor Glemaud deserves special mention for his sexy (unforgiving) knits and his use of Doc Martens to style the entire show.

Check out the gold buttons on the gray cardigan

and the gold mirror docs!

Cherry Red 10-hole Doc Martens, I need you right now.


khaz said...

fierce! i love it

Emma Homestay Bandar Tasik Puteri said...

Y-3 looks impeccable! Definitely the most creative out of a bunch of 'commercial' designers.hah!

E. said...

I would buy all of those Y-3 pieces right now... so perfect!

Pret a Porter P said...

the perfect anthracite leather bomber: i agree

Anonymous said...

Doc Martens are so cool ! I own three pairs that I wear more and more often. You should buy one, that would be nice with your pants :-)

Noelle Chantal said...

i still have my high school cherry red doc martens. of course they don't fit me anymore, errr!

i would love to see you wearing those kind of clothes from band of outsiders. totally your style izzy. :)

Anonymous said...

I recently went to Opening Ceremony and tried on a couple of suits from Boy. by Band of Outsiders and I did really fall in love with the construction. Even on sale the prices were a bit ridiculous unfortunately. The men's collection posted seems way to average...the proportions on the Y-3 men's is pretty awesome. The women's polka dot pants with the lacing is fantastic! I never asked you what are getting your masters in?

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