Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Everyday Suit

Style Salvage Steve, in response to the seventh rule of style declared by Tom Ford,
"Just like girls need to learn to be comfortable in heels before they go out in them for the first time, a man should try wearing a suit throughout a normal day.  I do most things in a suit - and sometimes even in a tuxedo - and so I'm really comfortable in one."
just recently made a resolution to wear suits more often so as to be comfortable in them as much as in jeans and a t-shirt.  I decided to take him up on his challenge.

Just as high heels are highly flattering on women bordering on being body-altering, a well-fitting suit enhances the male figure strategically: it broadens the shoulders and slightly lifts them up, it showcases (or makes the illusion of) a V-shape by tapering at the waist, and it creates a long lean line with the same fabric running down the body from shoulder to ankle.  But just like wearing heels, donning a suit does have its sacrifices: movement is impaired, especially in the shoulder area, and even the best-fitting of tailor-made suits (well, mine tend to be tighter than retail) would not ever provide the same range of motion as, say, a cardigan and sweat pants.  

my tailor-made everyday suit in navy semi-stretch cotton twill

That sharp suit I wore to a wedding recently wasn't so much made with the intention of wearing it to a formal gathering as it was for everyday.  Crafted in a navy semi-stretch cotton twill for more give, it was designed to be casual, comfortable and versatile.  I insisted on the placement of mother-of-pearl buttons as my subtle touch of dandy.  

detail shot of a mother-of-pearl button

So here it is worn, on an ordinary day, doing everyday things.  What is a suit after all, but a pair of trousers and a jacket?

clear wayfarers, tailor-made everyday suit, Dean & Trent v-neck, Margiela sneakers


Anonymous said...

looks really great on you!!

noelle chantal said...

i totally like this izzy. the blazer looks better on this casual outfit. great look as always! :)

RetroVintageModStyle said...

A+!!! I just like how you managed to turn it from formal to everyday...it looks between a mix of 60s mod with 80s new wave (Duran Duran, Miami Vice).

-h of candid cool said...

that suit is beautiful done. the mother of pearl buttons is a nice touch.

im curious though what kind of place do you get your fabrics from?

Brook and Lyn said...

It's a fight to get my husband to tuck in his shirt. Now he is threatening to take all his long shirts (specifically bought for the tucked-in effect) to the tailor to get them shortened when I'm not looking. Urg!! I agree with you nothing is sexier than a man comfortable and stylish in a suit. Mother of pearl button rocks so unexpected.

izzy said...

Anonymous, noelle, retro: thank you, salamat, and gracias!

H: You won't believe it, but almost all my fabrics come from the tailor's, and the price of the fabric comes with the cost of labor!

Brook: Why don't you have the shirts cut short enough to be able to have the choice to be worn both untucked and tucked? And thanks :)

oh lady e said...

That's it.

I need a suit. :)

Anonymous said...


johnsiesta said...

You can try GERSWIN tailoring for your future project. Located along Retiro St. before Banawe St. coming from LaLoma. Right side.

WendyB said...

Great look.

tippy said...

dork i love the blazer super!! i hope may girl version of that blazer :)

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