Friday, February 20, 2009

Next Project: The Maître d' Jacket, and Poll

Leafing through the looks at 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2009, I spotted this double-breasted beige jacket with contrasting lapels that reminded me so much of the old jacket worn by the maitre d' at my favorite restaurant L'Opera; I had to have it.  I knew I had found my next project: the maitre d' jacket.  However, to make it my own, I intend to have the jacket made in my color of the moment, dark green.  What shade, what texture, what pattern of this dark green though has yet to be decided.  

The jacket from 3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2009: contrasting black lapels, and black fabric buttons.  On a side note, the studded satin velvet slippers are sublime.

Now you all know I highly value your feedback, so for this project I would like to ask for your help in deciding what fabric to use.  I brought home some swatches from the tailor's and here are the choices:

Solid emerald green: the boldest and most costume-y of the choices, the jacket could look really cool in this fabric, or really cheap...

Textured olive green: It's got stretch in it so that's a plus.  Not a huge fan of the shade of green though.

Fine plaid forest green: the frontrunner so far, it's the perfect shade of green.  I'm just a tiny bit skeptical as to how the pattern would work with the contrasting black lapels.  

Bluish gray: Okay so this isn't green, but it does seem like a viable, spring-summer color.

And here is the poll:
So cast your votes, everyone!  I'm really looking forward to your feedback; it shall be highly appreciated!

EDIT:  Thanks for all the votes guys, I've got 41 as of now!!  Maitre d' jacket in fine plaid forest green with black contrast lapels and matching covered buttons coming up real soon!


Brook and Lyn said...

I like the Fine plaid forest green but these days I love all plaid. I think the black lapels will look pretty awesome with it. Are you making matching trousers too if the blazer works out? Lucky you...

izzy said...

Mimi: It looks like the fine plaid forest green is going to emerge the winner. Yea, and I'm also excited about the fabric-covered buttons haha. I love covered buttons, they're so 90's.

For the contrasting black fabric, you think I should go with just a simple black wool, or should I be adventurous and have it done in satin?

Exactly. If I like the blazer, pants follow soon after ;)

Frederic said...

wow, lovely!
I voted by the 3rd.

thatstrangeboy said...

i chose the third one as well, its more, er, subtle, i think. its kinda hard to visualize how a whole jacket would turn out from a small swatch, no? as for the lapels, you could use satinized cotton stretch (just the right amount of sheen).

Camie said...

Izzy, I voted for the third color. :D

Brook and Lyn said...

Covered matching buttons are awesome! If it was me I would go for black wool lapels to be safe. It's going to be so awesome...I can't wait to see it.

Elaine said...

hi, izzy, it's elaine. :)

i like the greens (the third is my second choice) but i love the bluish gray.

i'm sure the jacket will look and fit great. pass by the shop when it's all well and done? see you!

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