Thursday, February 26, 2009

Is it a sleep shirt? A XXXL men's t-shirt? Or *gasp* a dress?

Whatever it is, boy is it very comfortable.  I got this top from the sale bin at Eairth a couple of months ago and haven't really gotten to wear it out until today.  The curved hem and the unusual stitching done on the edges (which you really can't see, can you) keeps it from looking like I just wore a regular t-shirt in the largest size possible, I think.

Eairth big t-shirt, tailor-made black skinnies, Zara shoes

I've definitely gone a complete 180 since my days of wearing fitted shirts with elephant pants in the 90's.  This shirt goes down my list of comfy things to wear on a plane.


khaz said...

i don't have anythin from Eairth, i wanna try it.

oh, and elephants pants from the 90s. *guilty too*

Pret a Porter P said...

elephant pants and fitted shirts!! eck!!

i especially love your shoes here.

fred said...

Now I wear Medium tees..
I´m borried with XXL..

There was an incredible week...

Noelle Chantal said...

i like this! yes, very simple and comfortable looking. totally good for summer, init kasi noh! i like the fit of your pants and your shoes too. it is top-sider, pero it looks soft. ganda! :)

oh elephant pants, err! oh my gulay! :O

fuchsiaboy said...

do eairth have regular sale items now?

is it in soumak or in their main showroom?

i'm excited to get more pieces from them especially if it's on sale.

i hope you don't mind me asking how much you got the tee? :)

Izzy said...

don: what I know is Eairth has regular-priced items at their showroom right now. theres a few pieces on sale at Soumak, but mostly womenswear. the tee, Php 500!

Anonymous said...

Izzy, gawa ka ng post about where you usually shop! XD

Anonymous said...

I've always been very interested in Eairth but never purchased anything from own a number of their things right? I should pay more attention to them.

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