Sunday, December 21, 2008

I never thought I'd wear jammies outside the house

but I did.  Finally got something from Eairth by Melissa Dizon at their recent private sale, part of my loot were these gray cotton jersey Ifugao jammies.  I got them at a price so obscenely lower than what Eairth stuff goes for at Oak NYC, making the torturous drive that day all worth it.  

AA t-shirt, Eairth Ifugao jammies, Margiela sneakers

With the cozy material, elastic waistband, and button-up fly a la long johns, they're pajama bottoms in every sense of the word!  So again, not everyone's cup of tea.

I can't seem to get enough of the "new shape of pants" as I call it, with volume up top, tapering somewhere in the legs or ankles.  I think these pants achieve that effect in a rather different way, with pockets sewn in loose, making them drape and add volume.  

They're definitely high up on my "great items to wear on the plane" list.   On a different note, they too have a great likelihood of being one of those pieces of clothing I'll regret wearing five years from now.

Oh and the teaser photos from my first styling job just came out:

If you happen to live in the vicinity, drop by the BMW Autohaus on January 24, 2009 for the AMA Party.  Michelle and I will be styling a fashion show on that night too.  


Wax said...

omg those jammies look nifty! i'm dropping by soumak this tuesday. hopefully, i'd score some cool stuff from eairth.

and oh, i'd love to watch your fashion show! ;)

izzydore said...

wax: Ooh show me what you get! My brother says they're distributing tickets in CSB, the name of the event is After Dark, by the Ateneo Management Association :)

DaisyChain said...

Wow, props to you for wearing them out,
they look great.

Frederic said...

love Ur pants!
merry xmas!

CDC said...

That pant style are very special,

top outfit

Brook and Lyn said...

great jammies...when style and comfort go hand in hand can you really ask for more?

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